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Reviews And Comparisons Of John Deere Lawn Tractors

John Deere Company is in the business of John Deere lawn tractors since 1963.
John Deere Lawn Tractors are the most popular and reliable lawn tractors used for cutting grass on large or bigger lawns.

Lawn tractors are easy to use and much safer than the simple mowers when it comes to mow large areas.

If you want a durable, reliable, powerful and comfortable lawn tractor, then John Deere is the best option to give you a lush green lawn in no time, giving you a fun and easy to use lawn tractor keeping in mind the safety of the customers too.


There are certain types of lawn mowers which can be cylinder lawn mowers, rotary lawn mowers, petrol or gas lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers and even the riding lawn mowers or lawn tractors.

Either you can walk behind the machines to mow your lawn or relax and ride them to mow small or large areas.

A riding lawn mower is usually used in America, while the U.K prefers them as the ride-on lawn mowers or lawn tractors.

Lawn tractors serve the purpose of agriculture services on a small scale, farm tractors are used for large scale agricultural services.

John Deere Lawn Tractors can also be used for small scale cutting and are popular among all the brands.


John Deere x700 lawn tractor
John Deere x700 Lawn Tractor
John Deere Company is in the business of lawn tractors since 1963.

There is an entire dealer network for selling John Deere Lawn Tractors, but now the company has also expanded the distribution channel through some retailers.

John Deere has a variety of products under the lawn tractors range.

When you will visit its website, you will come to know about several categories from simple mowers to corporate machineries including bulldozers.

When it is about the product safety, John Deere uses the best quality and contributes accordingly in the development of technology.

The company has also put effort for the recalls to keep the customers informed about the products.

Popular Tractors

Under John Deere Tractors product range, comes a variety of products.

The most popular among them are the X100, X300, X500 and the X700 series lawn tractors .

They have a moving area of over 8000 m2 and can give up to 52 inch cuts having the edge cutting system technology which has very small and sharp blades but are strong enough that cannot be broken by rocks or stones.

Using a John Deere Tractor for a small area, the LA100 series are highly recommended. John Deere LA115 is highly rated by a consumer magazine.

It comes with a two year warranty and gives a nice cutting with few obstacles and can be handled well.

It cannot handle the slopes well and costs around $1,750 in America.

According to a website, John Deere Tractors are rated as the best tractors overall.

A customer has given some pros and cons about one of the John Deere lawn tractor X304.

The build of the tractor is solid and has a better quality.

It is found to be an easy machine as it is comfortable to mow around trees, rocks and other obstacles.

It has been rated a better lawn tractor when using for large areas, but for small areas the X100 series are recommended.

It is a 4WD with a 15 inch turning radius that can give a 42 inch cut.

It carries a Kawasaki engine as the X100 series have engines of Briggs and Stratton.

The pros of the product is that it gives excellent performance, has a 4 year warranty, is build strong and easy to use. On the other hand, the cons are that the machine is expensive and mixed reviews by customer service about its durability.

The machine costs about $3,600 in America.


John Deere Lawn Tractors are easy to use, comfortable, and are highly recommendable by the retailers but they are also expensive ranging from £2,000 to £15,000 inclusive VAT.

For long straight line, where a person has to mow for a longer period having a large area, it is recommended to use a cruise control machine like lawn tractors and mostly users recommend both X100 and X300 series.

Whatever the choice is lawn tractors must be handled carefully and boots are also recommended to avoid cuts or injuries.



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