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More powerful than walk-behing modelsand they have better performance and faster speed .
Riding lawn mowers are one of the very important types of basic lawn mowers.

A lawn mower is a type of machine which uses a single revolving blade or a set of blades to cut the lawn evenly.

There are different types of land mowers depending on the direction of revolving of blades.

For example such mowers which consist of blades rotating about a vertical axis are named as rotary mowers and the one which have blades rotating about a horizontal axis are called as cylinder or reel mowers.

Differently designed lawn mowers are employed to handle different situations depending upon the purpose they are used for.

The smallest types of lawn mowers are the one pushed by humans and are suitable for small gardens like suburban gardens.
On the other hand large and heavy ride on mowers are useful for large lawns, similarly the one used in municipal parks and golf courses have multi-gang- mowers that are pulled behind a tractor.

Sometimes these are also termed as lawn tractors as these resemble agriculture tractors with a cutting deck attached between the front and rear axles.

Different Transmissions

There are different transmissions for such a riding lawn mowers.

One is the manual transmission and the second most common type is a form of continuously variable transmission which is called the hydrostatic transmission.
These transmissions capture many forms, like from pumps driving separate motors to fully integrated units which have a pump, motor and gear reduction.

Mechanical transmissions are quite cheaper than the hydrostatic transmissions.

Hydrostatic transmissions are expensive but are easy to use as they convey greater torque to the wheels.

The least common and most expensive transmission type is electric.

Hydrostatic transmissions have been tried to be replaced by lower cost transmissions which have different belt types but it has not been possible because there have been many perception or performance problems which caused their market life to be quite short.


Snapper 7800545 riding lawn mower
Snapper 7800545 riding lawn mower
Large ride on mower has a seat on which the operator can easily sit and control this machine.

The operator seems literally riding the machine.

Mostly these mowers have horizontal rotating blade system consisting of multiple blades.


The deck of a rotary mower is usually made of steel.

Light steel is used on less expensive models whereas heavier steel is used on more expensive models so that they are durable.

Other materials that are used for there decks include aluminum.

Aluminum neither corrodes not rusts and is a staple of higher priced mowers.

Hard plastic on the other hand is a composite plastic and is less expensive than aluminum.

Electric mowers usually have a plastic deck.

Other Functionality

General design of riding mowers consists of an opening in the side or rear of housing from where the cut grass is expelled out.
Some mowers also have a grass catcher attachment at the opening to carry the grass clippings.
There are special mulching blades which are used for rotary mowers.
The blade keeps the clippings circulating so that the grass is being chopped off properly.
Other designs have dual blades to mulch the clipping into small pieces.
Such function has the use of forgoing the additional work collecting and disposing the grass clippings, which reduces the lawn waste by creating convenient compost for the lawn and lessening the expense of fertilizer.
Compost is a type of natural fertilizer which increases the land fertility.

Riding lawn mowers can be mounted on other devices such as snowplows, snow blowers, usually even front buckets or fork-lift tines.
There are rotary mowers which have internal combustion engines too and come in following three price ranges.
  • Lower price mowers have old technology, small motors and lighter steel deck.
    These mowers target residential market and are sold at large discounts and are generally found in home improvement stores.
  • Higher priced mowers target residential customers. These mowers have much heaviery steel than those of cheaper mowers and have more features.
    The plastic or aluminum which makes up its deck is composite.
    These mowers last as long as twenty years if maintained carefully.
  • Third type of mowers is the commercial grade mowers and is the most expensive one too.
    They mostly target the ground maintenance companies and other professionals.
    These mowers have the latest technology and consist of features such as disk drive, oil filters, aluminum decks and much more.
    These mowers are sold through dealers and have a life of more than twenty years if maintained carefully.

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Lawn Mowers Parts

Lawn Mower Wheels
Lawn mower wheels do not break very often but need to be replaced at once if a problem is discovered in them.

Lawn Mower Oil
No matter the mower is manual or electric oil is always applied as it acts both as a lubricant as well as a coolant for the engine.

Lawn Mower Batteries
Mainly two types of the lawn mower batteries are frequently being utilized in lawn mowers which are the lead acid batteries and the nickel cadmium or Ni-Cad batteries.

Lawn Mower Tires
Lawn mower tires are an important part of lawn mowers.