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Snapper lawn mowers are one of the oldest and most respecful lawn mower brands in America.
Snapper Lawn mowers have a long and colorful history; one built on vision and as some would say, on sheer guts.

It began with a rotary mower called the snappin' turtle in 1951.

From the first 16 Snapping turtles made, the company was soon shipping 3,973 Snappin turtles to various cities in the United States of America.

The Snappin' Turtle can be seen in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington as an example of the pioneering lawn mower that was produced in the United States.

Snapper was bought in 2002 by Simplicity owned by Jim Weir, who would go down in history as the man who said "no" to the biggest wholesaler in the US, Wal-Mart

. This he did to further strengthen the reputation of Snapper lawn mowers as reliable and durable products.

The Snapper brand was and is known not for its price but for its performance and its durability and had already built a reputation that had spanned several generations.

The evolution of the Snapper lawn mower

Snapper Lawnmowers have evolved from the Snappin' Turtle that was a simple walk behind rotary mower suitable for suburban lawns to zero turn riding mowers and tractor mowers that cut acres of green fields faster and efficiently.

The Snapper Turtle was much easier to move around compared to the earlier power reel mowers and less expensive.

Riding mowers were the next logical step as the need to cover larger areas in a shorter amount of time arose.

The first riding lawn mower had an innovative rear engine.

Soon, hydrostatic engines were introduced together with stick steering mechanism and mulching systems.

More changes came when Simplicity took over and later on, Snapper was bought by the industry giant Briggs & Stratton.

Snapper continues to produce a wide variety and range of lawn mower machines.

The Snapper walk-behind Series

The Snapper walk behind series of law mowers are suitable for small to large open spaces with trees and other obstacles or not.

The Snapper 7800417
Snapper 7800417
There are various push mowers and self propelled models to choose from.

Snapper lawn mowers have a 3 in 1 feature that allows one to convert from side discharging, mulching or bagging.

You can chose from the HI -VAC series which combines high lift blade system and top discharge deck for ultimate bagging or you can go with a Mulching model which effectively recycles your lawn cutting.

The Pivot-N-Go model has a pivoting handle that allows the operator to control the speed of the mower.

All Snapper Lawn Mowers are equipped with Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart® engines that require no priming or chocking when you need to start the engine.

The Fresh Start® fuel cap on these engines ensure that the fuel is kept fresh for up to 6 months.

Snapper Lawn Tractors

Snapper has always been synonymous with innovation, durability and power, and Snapper tractors offer that and more.

They can handle any terrain whilst ensuring ease of operation.

  • The LT125 series is ideal for trimming around obstacles.
  • The LT139AWS has an all-wheel steering capability that makes maneuvering easier and eliminates the damage that most tight turning tractors tend to cause.
  • The LT200 Series is suitable for tight spaces because of its tight turning radius.

The Snapper riding mowers

The Riding mowers continue along the original rear engine design with the RE200 series offering superior traction and easy maneuverability.

This mower can move around 12-inch radius which normally only a push mower would do.

The series also has an auto lever to ensure a consistently even cut regardless of the nature of the surface.

Snapper riding mowers have a pivoting frame to handle the contours of the land.

They also have a feature where the user can chose to mulch, or discharge clippings from the side or inside a bag.

Snapper riding mowers retail at between $1400 and $2300.With the reputation that the Brand caries one can be sure that they are making a very sound investment by buying a Snapper riding mower.

Zero Turn Mower Series

The Snapper 5900748
Snapper 5900748
With series names like the zippy 150Z, the quick and versatile 355Z, you'd expect the Snapper Zero turn Mowers to be faster and more versatile than other Snapper models.

They range from the 150Z series that is excellent at easily trimming around trees to the 285Z series which handles even tighter areas and can be spun around obstacles with ease.

Then there's the stylish 500Z series known for precision and control.

A Hydro-Gear® hydrostatic transmission on the 355Z series is but one unique addition that you can expect to find on a Snapper lawn mower.

Reviews Of Snapper Lawn Mowers

Snapper Lawn Tractor - Snapper LT125
Snapper LT125 Lawn Tractor is ideal for someone who has a half-acre or more of lawn to.

Snapper Residential Lawn Mower - Snapper 7800417
The Snapper 7800417 SE Series SPV21675E operates on power drive that is very easy and convenient for a homeowner to use.

Snapper Zero Turn Lawn Mower - Snapper 355Z series
You will know that the Snapper 355Z zero turn lawn mower is the perfect machine that you might need to mow your lawn with.

Snapper Lawn Tractors - Does your lawn need just any tractor?
Mainly for the Snapper lawn tractors, they accompany the '3 in 1' feature option, allowing for side discharge, mulch, or rear bagging.

Snapper Riding Mowers - Want to ride the Snapper riding mowers?
Snapper riding mowers are one of the innumerable types of residential lawn and garden equipment produced by Snapper Company.

Snapper Lawn Zero Turn Mower
Snapper Zero Turn Mower is a type of riding lawn mower that has a 0 turn radius.





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