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Honda lawn mowers are well equiped, robust and powerful.
When you think of Honda, it's a motorcycle or a car that pops to your mind first.

But they can make Honda lawn mowers just as good as they can make motorcycles.

Their engines are present in many of other lawn mower brands. In fact Honda is the world largest engine producer.

As such, it makes very good and powerful engines for their lawn mowers too.

Company was established back in 1953 and they produce about 14 million engines a year.

Honda lawn mowers are well equiped, robust and powerful.

Honda has been receiving much acclaim worldwide for the cars and motorbikes they produce.

They have also made significant inroads in the manufacture of other power products that incorporate their efficient quality four stroke engine.

These products have included: water pumps, lawn mowers outboard motors and other power driven equipment. Honda produces engines for its own lawn mowers which also have a twin blade system that is quite unique in the lawn mowing industry.

This twin blade system ensures a closer cut and cuts the mowing time by reducing the number of times one has to go over one area to get the desired well manicured effect.

The four stroke engine is easy to start and is built to last. Honda mowers are also equipped with a large bag capacity and a mulching feature to recycle your lawn cuttings.

When shopping for a suitable domestic lawn mower, there are typically three types of garden mowers that are to be considered.

These are available as either gas or electric powered and for the environmental conscious gardener, these can be foregone for the option for a hand powered cylinder type.

The three main types of honda mowers are:

  • Wheeled Rotary mowers,
  • Cylinder,
  • Hover Rotary mowers.

The average gardener would usually consider a wheeled rotary which can deal with most grass types and lengths and is fairly robust.

Rotary lawn mowers are available with either electric or petrol run engines. Honda lawn Mowers have received much rave reviews as far as these types are concerned.

It's in the small details

Honda HRS216K2PDA lawn mower
Honda HRS216K2PDA lawn mower
The secret of Honda mowers success is in the technology that the company uses and Honda's attention to the small details, like the engineering of the collection bag (i.e. how it balances on the machine and how easy it is to attach and remove).

Honda has done away with sophisticated and complicated levers and buttons that would make the actual act of changing attachments more of a chore.

The handles have been designed to be totally adjustable without much effort.

The wheels on the Honda mowers are supported by a ball bearing mechanism that provides a smoother more flexible ride.

If you have a superior product like a Honda lawn mower, you don't need all the bells and whistles!

The above only covers your standard push lawn mower, to get into the different types of mowers that Honda manufactures.

The Honda HRS Series

Honda's HRS models are entry level mowers available in two models, HRS216K3PDA and the HRS216K3SDA.

Both models are equipped with a GCV160 engine and they both have a 21-inch cutting width.

The difference between the two is that the latter is has single speed self-propelled drive.

Honda HRR Series

There are three models in the HRR Honda mower range: HRR216K5PDA, HRR216K5VKA and HRR216K5VXA.

The common features in this series are the Twin Blade cutting mechanism, a 4-in-1 capability and a 2.4 bushel bag capacity.

The HRR216K5PDA push mower has six cutting positions.

The HRR216K5VKA with a GCV160 ACS (Auto Choke System) engine is a self-propelled mower equipped with an adjustable smart drive.

The best model in this series is the HRR216K5VXA.

This model has a Robo-Stop mechanism and unlike the HRR216K5PDA which has a single position handle bar, this model has handlebars with 2-positions with a quick release mechanism.

Honda HRX Series

Of all the push mowers the HRX series is Honda's self-propelled top of the range, product.

These are equipped with GCV190 engines, a 4-in-1 VersaMow ability, a MicroCut Twin Blade mechanism, NeXite Decks and quick release 3-position handlebars all backed by a 5 year warranty.

The models in this series are:

  • HRX217K2VKA - with a GCV190 engine with ACS (Auto Choke System) and an adjustable smart drive.
  • HRX217K2HXA - with a GCV190 engine, a Robo-Stop system and a Hydrostatic Cruise Control.
  • HRX217K2HMA - has an electric start system, a GCV190 engine, Robo-Stop braking mechanism, and a Hydrostatic Cruise Control

Honda HRC Series

Honda produces the HRC range for commercial purposes. The two models, the HRC216K3PDA and the HRC216K3HXA both have the commercial-grade, 4-stroke GSV160 OHV/OHC engine, a Twin Blade System, heavy duty handles and large grass bags. The difference between the two is that one is a push mower and the other, the HRC216K3HXA is a self-propelled mower with hydrostatic Cruise Control.

Honda lawn mowers have built a well deserved reputation as reliable, powerful, efficient and good value for money. They are all backed by a guaranteed, innovative craftsmanship and a 5 year warranty.

Reviews Of Honda Lawn Mowers

Honda HRC series
Honda HRC Series Mowers are considered the best available mowers in the category of commercial work horses.

Honda HRS series
Honda HRS Series Mowers are one of the entry level push lawn mowers in the market.

Honda HRR series
We find legendary reliability in Honda HRR Series Mowers offering dependable performance and outstanding features.

Honda Riding Lawn Mowers
The Honda Riding Lawn Mowers are considered highly earth social as they strictly follow the International carbon emission rules and thus keep their carbon signatures to the lowest possible levels.

Honda Lawn Mower Parts
Having problems with your Honda lawn mower components and need replacement, worry not because Honda Lawn Mower Parts is available at all the Honda dealer shops so that you can visit any outlet nearest to you from where you can choose genuine Honda parts.



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