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No matter the mower is manual or electric oil is always applied as it acts both as a lubricant as well as a coolant for the engine.
Lawn mower's oil is an important component required in the maintenance of a lawn mower.

No matter the mower is manual or electric oil is always applied as it acts both as a lubricant as well as a coolant for the engine.

Lubricant is a material which is used to prevent metal parts from friction.

Lawn mower is a machine and every machine needs to be maintained regularly in order to have achieving long life.

Manual mower is oiled in order to protect its metal parts from rubbing against each other and getting torn out.

Friction causes the metal parts to break down when these get rubbed with each other.

Oil in the engine causes a cooling effect in the engine by transferring the engine heat to the cylinder block which releases it in the atmosphere.

However it is an important task to prevent the engine from damage otherwise the smoke released by it will have a higher quantity of hydrocarbons causing more air pollution.

Which Oil

Not all the kinds or quality can be used in lawn mowers.

A high quality of detergent oil needs to be used that is classified for service e.g. SF, SD, SE or any oil considered better than these.

A factor on which the oil usage depends is the operating temperature of the mower.

A mower which is operated above 40 degree temperature needs to have a 30W.

This is an acceptable range but if a 10W-40 is used it may in return damage the engine.

Grade of oil may be determined by reading the mower's manual but the one defined above may also be found suitable.

An important aspect regarding the oil is to understand oil change method.

Oil Change

To maintain a mower, oil change is a procedure that should be known to all its users.

To keep the lawn mower running in a top notch condition its oil needs to be changed frequently after a regular period of time interval.

It's not a time consuming process and it may be done within few minutes. Some important things that you may need are:
  • High quality motor oil
  • Paper towel
  • And a container to collect old oil

If you are changing your mower's oil for the first time then the first thing you may need to do is to get rid of debris or any metal shavings which have been left in it.
This happens during the manufacturing of the machine.

  • First step is to remove the spark plug and drain the fuel tank.
  • Second step is to disconnect the spark plug wire and keep it away from the plug. It prevents from any accidental spark igniting and is being followed for safety purposes.
  • Third step is to remove the dipstick and drain the oil out of the mower into a container. If you own a mower which has side or bottom plugs then it may be used to drain out the oil otherwise the mower may be tilted to remove the oil.
  • Once all the above steps have been done then place the engine level again. This depends on the type of mower that how much of the oil is needed. We may take example of a SPV21 mower in which the recommended level of oil is 18 oz and it needs to be changed after every 20-25 hours of use. Time frame of oil change for different types of the mowers may be determined after reading respective operating manuals.
  • Fill the tank up to the full line of the dip stick. The oil tank should not be overfilled. However if excess mower oil is put into the mower then it may be drained out of the mower by again tilting it.

Some key points that accidentally happen and need to be taken care of while changing the engine oil are follows:

  • If the air filter is contaminated by mistake it needs to be replaced.
  • Oil drain needs quite a lot of time. Oil can't be removed in an instant and ample time is required for its complete drainage.
  • The dirty oil needs to be disposed off carefully.
  • Never tip the mower with carburetor or spark plug down, it would make the mower to start with difficulty or even not start at all.



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