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Without lawn mower tires, a lawn mower is immobile and would be impossible to work with. Lawn mower tires comes in many different sizes and varieties
Lawn mower tires are an important part of lawn mowers

Without tires a lawn mower becomes immobile and would be impossible to work with.

As lawn mowers come in different types and varieties, lawn mower tires also come in various varieties and sizes.

Lawn mower tires are made in such a way that they don't cause any damage to the lawn grass

The type of the tires thus depends on the type of the mower and the lawn.

Few factors which affect the decision

. First thing to keep in mind is the type of lawn you intend mowing.

If you have an unbalanced type of lawn surface with a number of stones or debris then you need to have tires which have good traction.

On the other hand if you do not posses such uphill type of lawn then you may afford smoother tires for your mowing machine as smoother tires cause less damage to the lawn.

. Second thing is that if you already have a lawn mower and you just need to replace its tires then you need to follow the manufacturer's guidelines

As you change your car tires and replace the older one's with the new ones of the same size same goes true for lawn mowers as well.

. If the lawn is wet or rough wider tires need to be used instead of the smoother ones.

Similarly the opposite is the case if you do not have a wet lawn; you may use slim tires instead of the wider ones.

The mower's tires need to be checked on the weekly basis if you have a riding lawn mower.

The tires need to have sufficient air filled and should be inflated to the recommended pressure given in its operating manual.

If the air pressure is not sufficient, they would consume more power to move thus putting extra load on the engine which would ultimately reduce the engine life in the longer run.

. Tires are such components of mowers which are mostly overlooked and more attention is being paid to the maintenance of the other parts of the mower.

We mostly forget that although the engine maintenance is very important too but these are its tires which makes the machine move.

Keeping an eye on the riding lawn mower tires and replacing them whenever there is need is an important task that should not be ignored.

. Tires are the point of contact between the lawn and the mower.

Tires translate the mowers push energy into its physical movement.

If the tires are not in good shape and not properly inflated, engine has to exert more in order to keep the mower moving and it may also end up with high consumption of gasoline

. Manual mowers (walk behind mowers) and the corded mowers need metal or plastic wheels which are helpful for maintaining light weight of the machine.

Riding mowers on the other hand have inflated tires. Lawn mower like that of a tractor lawn mower may have tires of specification 4.00 x8 400mm which have features of car tires.

. Different sort of tires are available in the market to meet different types of mowing needs.

There are wide, narrow, soft tires which may be used depending on the type of lawn being mowed.

Removal and installation

Removal and installation of a mowers tire is not a difficult task and may be performed quite easily.

To remove an old tire you need to lay the tire and the rim on a flat surface.

The cap from the valve is removed and a flathead screwdriver is pressed in the centre of the valve.

Two crowbars may be used to remove the tire from the mower.

One crowbar is inserted in between the upper tire bead and rim.

Then the upper bead is removed and the opposite side of the tire is removed the same way.

New tire is placed onto the rim with the help of crowbars to move the tire onto the rim.

All this needs to be done while there is no air filled in the new tire.

When inserted the air is filled into the new tire and when half filled ratchet strap is removed then the rest of the tire is filled according to the specific PSI on the side wall of the tire.


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