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Reviews Of Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

As the name implies one just needs to walk behind these mowers while mowing.
Walk behind lawn mowers have been in use for quite a long time.

As the name implies one just needs to walk behind these mowers while mowing.

These mowers are totally different from the riding mowers as in ridding mowers the operator needs to ride on the machine.

Usually there are four different types of such mowers which are as follows:
  • Reel lawn mowers
  • Electric mowers
  • Gasoline walk lawn mowers
  • Self propelled lawn mowers

These mowers's function depends upon the efficiency of its operators so these are truly said to be walk behind lawn mowers.

Differences Between Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Scotts 2000-20 reel lawn mower
Scotts 2000-20 reel lawn mower
Reel and electric lawn mowers do not require gasoline type fuels to function and mowing operation so they are also termed as clean lawn mowers and
eco-friendly too as these don't release toxic gases which turn out to be one of the major causes resulting into global warming.

There is also no oil spills as gasoline is not used as the fuel.
Moreover these mowers do not make noise so these are environment friendly.

Their maintenance is also cheap when compared to the ordinary gasoline mowers.

Reel Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Reel lawn mowers are suitable for small residential lawns as these cannot cut large sized grass.
So it becomes a necessity to mow the lawns on regular basis as they mainly functions as grass trimmers only.

Electric Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Black&Decker LM175 electric lawn mower
Black&Decker LM175 electric lawn mower
Electric mowers if corded are quite dangerous especially when there are young children
around or with pets in home as these pose an obvious risk of electric shock.

Walk behind land mowers which need gasoline as their fuel are considered more powerful than
the reel and electric mowers because they run on the power of gas.

Moreover these can mow a much larger area when compared to reel lawn mowers.

These have a capacity of mowing up to half acre on average.

Gas Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Lawn Boy 10645 lawn mower
Lawn Boy 10645 lawn mower
Gas mowers can also easily cut large sized grass as compared to reel lawn mowers so there is no use of mowing on daily basis.

These reduce the overall mowing efforts.

The two drawbacks associated with these mowers is that they produce a lot of noise
and at the same time release toxic gases in air which
on reaction with the ozone layer cause it to deplete.

These are messy and take longer time to start.

Important Factor While Buying Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

As described above there are different types of mowers available in the market these days and each one has its own uses and drawbacks.

While buying a mower there are few features that need to be kept in mind.
An important factor while buying a walk behind mower is to notice the speed of wind.

Number of trees in your lawn also affects the type of mower being purchased.
Notice that whether your lawn's grass is smooth or weedy.

Similarly some people like to mow lawn enjoy the activity while some people like it to be as easy as possible and use remote controlled lawnmowers.

Typical Failures

There are certain parts of this machine which easily get damaged if not maintained properly.
  • Reel mowers depend on a chain of blades which spins along its axle.
    This axle is connected to a pair of wheels.
    While buying a used reel mower the axle and blades needs to be checked.

  • While buying a used electric mower cables, wheels and its buttons need to be checked and the efficiency of the motor also merits inspection.

  • Commercial mowers are mostly gas powered.
    These mowers are used for large areas of land so these are the best option to mow golf courses or sports grounds.
    These mowers need long wires or long life batteries if these are rechargeable battery mowers.

  • Various parts of the used gas lawn mowers needs to be inspected regularly.
    These parts include air tank, fuel tank, blades, carburetor and the wheels.

  • It is important to know that used walk behind land mowers have no warranty so care must be taken while selecting and inspecting these mowers.
    Some mowers have the ability to drop grass clippings on the ground while some come with bags.

  • Self propelled mower is moved by its motor which operates on gasoline.
    It may be front or rear wheel drive.
    It may have single speed or may come with variable speed.


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