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Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers are given power using the variable number classically from one to four of 12-volt rechargeable batteries.
Cordless Lawn Mowers are given power using the variable number classically from one to four of 12-volt rechargeable batteries.

Inclusion of more than a single battery gives more run time plus extra power.

Batteries can be found enclosed in the interior or on the outer surface of the mower.

This mowers are found better in working abilities than a gasoline mower and the environmental responsiveness over a corded electric but they are more costly and are available in few models.

A lawn mower is an appliance in which one or more than one revolving blades are used to shear a lawn at a smooth length.
A lot of different design lawn mowers have been introduced so far with corded as well as cordless features.


Cordless Electic Lawn Mowers generally are offered with one to four 12-volt, lead-acid batteries (12-, 24-, & 36-volt versions.
There are 2 versions of Lawnboy cordless electric lawn mowers available featuring 6-volt batteries.
However the real voltage or electric energy supplied to the motor is subject to the available amperage.
A 12-volt mower with more amperage can cut longer than a 36-volt mower with fewer amps.
The Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers in smallest formations are ideal for small residential lawns plus gardens, while larger, autonomous mowers are fit for large lawns.
However for the biggest mowing ventures, multi-gang lawn mowers pulled at the back of a tractor, are available for large expanses of grass like as golf courses plus public parks.


Earthwise 60120 cordless lawn mower
Earthwise 60120 cordless lawn mower
Cordless electric mowers work superb for plane lawns lesser than 8,000 square feet and comprise of cool-season grasses like as Kentucky blue grass, superior and lofty fescues, and perpetual ryegrasses.
Similarly warm season grasses like as St. Augustine or Zoysiagrass may show a big resistance to justify the cordless lawn mower practicable or you may have to cut at bit higher than ordinary and keep a spare battery readily charged up.
Due to the presence of batteries, these mowers are mostly found hard to push up in angled lawns.
Even though they are not much heavy as compared to the standard mowers, the cordless versions are not usually self-driven.

The most obvious difference between a battery operated and corded electric mowers is the cord itself.

Whereas according to some expert users neither model is appropriate for big size lawns, the corded model is limited to around 100 feet range.

Further a user also has to be watchful running on the extension cord.

From the safety point of view, electrical outlets where the cord is plugged in of an electric lawn mower must include a GFI holder in place.

This would keep you safe from getting electric shock if accidentally run on the cord.

Whereas chances of electrocuted have been eliminated through Cordless Lawn Mower.

Time to operate

As regards mowing timing of the Cordless Electic Lawn Mowers, as a common rule, if amperage is equal in your Cordless lawn Mowers, 12-volt batteries will offer you 30 to- 40 minutes of mowing time;
24-volt mowers will provide mowing 40 - 75 minutes; whereas 36-volt mowers can perform nice up to 90 minutes.

The more power is being utilized, the lesser the batteries would last.

For instance, if your lawn is big and thick, or if you let the grass grow tall before you could mow batteries would be expected to last for 4,000 - 5,000 square feet area or so.

If a lawn is not much thick and it's easier to mow, this lawn mowers can handle up to 8,000 square feet of area.

Which company produce cordless lawn mowers

Toro and Black & Decker both the companies argue that their Cordless Lawn Mowers have more torque as compared to a five horsepower gasoline engine.

Toro, Black & Decker, as well as Sears all make the recharger right inside the cordless mower, which gives easy recharging, just plug the mower into the socket through an extension wire.

It takes around 12 to 24 hours to completely recharge nearly all types of the cordless mowers however a 3-hour charge can give you about 20 - 30 minutes of mowing time.
The batteries offered in most of such mowers can last 5 - 7 years.

Inquire from the dealers regarding the cost of replacement battery packs that will approximately vary from $ 50 to $200 each.


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