Lawn Mowers Troubleshooting

Lawn Mowers Troubleshooting

All of us do encounter problems developing with our mowers and their maintenence is an important aspect if we want them working all the time.
Lawn mowers troubleshooting is an important topic one must be familarized with if you have a lawn mower of your own.

All of us do encounter problems developing with our mowers and their maintenence is an important aspect if we want them working all the time.

Troubleshooting includes such points which are our daily problems regarding the mowers.

Mowers are just like the other ordinary machines so these also need regular maintenance and services according to the type of fault occuring in the machine.
These machines may break down permanently as a result of poor maintenance services.
Here are details of some frequent problems you might have to face with your mowers.

Most Common Lawn Mowers Troubleshooting

The most common problem that occurs in a mower is its starter rope which is pulled to start the mower.
What happens if it braeks?

If this happens than we need to get it sericed at an earliest.
The main thing to do at this point is to remove the mower's housing and than remove the left over part of the rope.
This rope is whirled up mostly around a metal or plastic spool.

After cutting the rope off a new rope needs to be attached to the spool.

Mostly this new rope fits in the place of the old one and the right size of the rope can be taken by compairing it with the older one.

The new rope may be cut by laying the older rope with the new rope and then cutting the new one.
The handle then needs to be taken off the older rope and attached to the new one.

The spool housing needs to be reattached.
If this was the only problem with your mower than after reassembling all the parts together again it would start with the first pull of its new rope.

Other Possible Lawn Mowers Troubleshooting

However if it is not the only problem with your mower and it still does not start then the mower needs to be rechecked.
May be there is some problem in the fuel tank, or may be your mower is out of fuel.

May be the fuel filter is not clean and its very easy to check it.

Fuel filter is just next to the fuel tank where the fuel enters the tank.
The fuel line has to be removed in order to see the fuel filter.
All this may be done with thye help of pliers and the fuel filter may be cleaned by using water or air hose.

However if the filter does not get clean this problem may be solved by buying a new generic fuel filter.
A generic fuel filter mostly fits into any type of the mower
. This was the general solution if your mower does not start and there is some problem in the fuel filter or fuel tank.

Over time it has also been observed that the sparkplug gets fouled with dirt which causes starting problem in the mower.
A wrench may be needed to remove the plug.

Then the end of the plug is checked and if it is found dirty then it means you have discovered the basic problem.
It needs to be cleaned then.
A wire brush may serve the purpose, although if even after cleaning it does not work then it means you need to visit the local hardware shop and get it changed.

The plug needs to be of the accurate size and should fit the mower and it should not be over tightened nor left loose.

After it has been attached the rubber hose may be reattached and the mower starter rope may be pulled to check its working or not.

These were the three basic problems that frequently occurs with the mowers.
However there may be other problems too that are usually faced while operating a mower.
Some of lawn mowers troubleshooting are:
  • Dull blades means that the mower blades are no longer sharp and need to be sharpen.
    This problem may be identified by observing the lawn leaves and edges.
  • If the lawn leaves are ripped and the edges are jagged than it concludes that the blades need to be sharpen or if the problem is still not solved then it may require replacement with the new blades.

      Sometimes you may feel that while mowing, your mower is shaking and not is cutting accurately.

      Not only does the garden would have a dirty look but also the motor is likely to get damaged.

      This problem may be removed by hand filing the blade end which is heavier than the other.


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