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The Grasshopper Company is situated in Moundridge, Kansas city in the United States of America
Grasshopper lawn mowers are famous by the name given to them from the Grasshopper Company.

The Grasshopper Company is situated in Moundridge, Kansas city in the United States of America.

This company is famous for the manufacturing of zero-turn mowers and other type of lawn mowers too.

The name of this grass hopper mower has been taken from the grass hopper named company and this company is a family-owned business since 1969.

It was this time when the first grass hopper mower was introduced.

However, today great expansion has been achieved in manufacturing facility in Moundridge.

This company has manufactured different mowers to especially serve the needs of the government entities and the equipment owners.

About Company

Grasshopper lawn mower
Grasshopper lawn mower
To elaborate our knowledge database of the grasshopper mowers first we need to acquaint with the company itself.

This company has been one of the famous manufacturers of the lawn mowers and it was included in one of the first manufacturers who had introduced dual swing-out levers for a zero-turn mower.

This mower was powered from diesel so it was an efficient machine. It was famous for its power and longer engine life.

As diesel was employed as its fuel so it did not have to be replaced soon enough when compared to the other mowers.

The grasshopper company makes a wide range of mowers and mower implements some of which are as follows:

  • Front mount mowers
  • Mid mount mowers
  • Power-vac collection systems
  • Dura max decks
  • Power fold
  • Quick converter implement system
  • Snow removal
  • Aera-vator
In a front mount mower a cutting deck is inserted forward of the engine and it consists of a three-four wheeled unit.

This type of deck helps to reach easily under the shrubs, bushes and fences and cut off the grass.

These types of mowers can also be employed for removing the snow as well.

In mid-mount mowers the difference lies in the position of the deck.

When talked about a front mount mower it was inserted forward of the engine, however in a mid-mount one it is inserted under the seat of its rider.

Such mowers are helpful for wide-open mowing and removing lighter obstacles which comes in their way.

Grasshopper 325 lawn mower
Grasshopper 325 lawn mower
Power vac collection system may be regarded as a type of a vacuum which is connected in the place of mower discharge shield.

In this equipment there is no need of manual cleaning as the debris may be emptied with a power tilt hopper.

Clippings are compressed so that disposing off of the debris becomes an easy task.

Power fold is used for the adjustment of the front mount mowers.

Grasshopper Company also manufactures dozer blades and snow throwers so snow throwing in winter season isn't a difficult task anymore.

Aera-vator is a type of equipment or accessory which helps to loosen the compacted soil and allows more oxygen to get in contact with the grass to make it healthier.
It is not a type of core lawn aerator because it does not leave cores after it has been used.

Advantages associated with the products of the Grasshopper lawn mowers are that these are environment friendly.
With passing time this company has supported the use of alternative fuels instead of the diesel and the other fuels.

It has accepted the concept of using algae fuel and other environment friendly fuels to reduce greenhouse gases

. This has also helped in cutting short the use of the natural fossil fuels which are non-renewable sources of energy.

This company uses scraps of steel and metal left over, recycles it and limits the production of scrap.

The company strictly complies with the rules and regulations of Environmental Protection Agency air quality standards.

The Grass hopper products and machines are available only at the Grass hopper dealerships and distributors.


The history of invention of a lawn mower can be traced back to early 20's.

The first lawn mower was invented by Edwin Budding.

It was designed just to cut the lawn grass especially for sports purposes, and it was regarded as a superior alternative to scythe.

It was patented in 1830. Later on it was innovated and instead of being operated by humans, animals were employed to work with this machine.

James Summer was the person who patented the very first steam-powered lawn mower.



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