John Deere X700 Lawn Tractor

Review And Comparisons Of John Deere X700 Lawn Tractor

John Deere X700 Lawn Tractor has been designed in the most imaginable way to meet the requirements of the mowing lovers.

X700 has a series of tractor models having very slight difference in specifications.

Tractors manufacured by John Deere are considered to be the most versatile tractors available in the market these days.

John Deere is a renowned name in the mowing category and thus considered the most preferred choice to meet all types of the mowing requirements.

Company offers a variety of product range for lawn mowers whether walk behind mowers or riding lawn mowers such as lawn tractors.

Number Of Series

John Deere x700 lawn tractor
John Deere x700 Lawn Tractor
John Deere has introduced a number of series under tractors' models.

The series are LR, CR, X100, X300, X500 and the popular X700 series.

Tractor X700 also has some other models under the same series i.e. X700, X720, X720SE, X724, X728, X728SE, X729, X740, X744, X748, X748SE and X749 with almost similar features.

All these models are types of riding lawn mowers also known as ride-on mowers.

With a edge cutting system, John Deere tractors have been designed to give machines like large, reliable, powerful engines and lock systems.

X700 series can be beneficial for both residential and agricultural purposes and markets.


Other than the edge cutting system, John Deere Tractor X700 has features like mowing area of over 8000 m2, supports engines of Yanmar,
nominal power of 24 hp, 63.5 cm turning radius, bagging capacity of 500 to 600 litre and can give a cutting width of up to 62 inches.

This series "x700" comes with different attachments under the categories of carry, haul & move material; gardening & ground engagement;
operator comfort & convenience; snow removal attachments; tractor protection & appearance and also yard & lawn care attachments.

X700 offers some of the attachments too i.e. front blade, rotary broom, utility carts, tyre chains and front loaders.

In the market mostly cylinder or reel lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, hover lawn mowers, rotary lawn mowers, electric cord or cordless lawn mowers and riding or ride-on lawn mowers are available.

X700 John Deere Tractor is a form of ride-on machines.

Different types have been launched by the makers to meet different needs of the users.

Some of them are push reel mowers or walk behind mowers but X700 tractors are totally different from such types.

They do not require any energy or force to push them or walk behind them to mow the lawns.

Large lawns are the right kind of lawns that X700 series are made for to mow.


People do not have much time to mow their lawns so they prefer using riding mowers or lawn tractors because they give good results in no time.

All you need to do is sit on the wheels, start the engine, relax and mow the lawn.

This tractor is a powerful product that makes mowing easier and gives a reliable performance.

There are two types of tractors that John Deere offers i.e. lawn tractors and agricultural tractors or farm tractors.

Tractors can be used for different areas and they may be local authorities, sports stadiums and also universities.

This tractor is an easy to operate tractor and users find themselves comfortable using them.

It has a very simple and intuitive look with electronic speed control and lock system.

When it comes to safety, John Deere has taken special steps to keep the operators safe while mowing their lawns like switching off the tractors while the engine is idle or the operator leaves the seat.

As X700 has a facility of attaching the right snow related materials to the machine, so the users can mow their lawns round the year even in snow seasons.

Customers can buy X700 tractors online from the official dealers or even can purchase online through the official website which can picked up or delivered within 3 to 5 days.

It comes with a limited 4 year warranty.


X700 John Deere Tractor is a very useful product for the lawn lovers who find mowing a lot of fun.

But on the other hand, it is contributing in polluting the air as it makes noise and also supports Yanmar engine which needs gasoline or petrol which is harmful four times to the environment than the pollution coming out of the cars.



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