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Murray lawn mowers come fitted with bags and mulch for all types of the user convenience.

Machine that helps you in levelling your garden or lawn to an even length, by cutting through the spinning blades is known as lawn mower.

But short listing the right mower that would suit your lawn as well as financial requirements can sometimes prove a daunting task.

Ask yourself this difficult question; what must you do if the lawn of your home has grown to an odd level and you need to give it an even look, but at the same time you cannot afford buying an expensive mower as well?

Simple three worded answer to such a difficult question would be; Murray Lawn Mower.

The Murray mowers have got a wide range consisting of the riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, mulching and bagging mowers all at an affordable price.


Murray mowers were owned by Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company, which was founded by J.W. Murray and started its humble start from the Cleveland Ohio.

The company however, after having crippled due to some serious financial problems in the start of the 21st century, was purchased in the year 2004 by the Briggs and Stratton.

Thus all the Murray mowers therefore come fitted with the Briggs and Stratton engines.

All Types

Murray lawn mower
Murray lawn mower
The Murray deals in all types of the lawn mowers ranging the walk behind lawn mowers ideal for its use on domestic scale or the riding mowers for comparatively larger lawns and the tractors suitable for the landscaping requirements.

These mowers come fitted with bags and mulch for all types of the user convenience.

One can achieve a smooth cut between 15-42 inches. However the Murray riding mowers offers even higher cuts up till 46 inches.

The mowing equipment by the Murray lawn mowers has engine horsepower varying 5.5 to 22 depending upon the category and type of the machine.

Best Lawn Mowers with Best Quality

These mowers are the high end lawn mowers and are very popular among all types of the users all across the globe especially the people of America due to the negligible price tag associated with this brand name yet respected for the quality of its lawn mower products.

It has been in the business of providing household and farming products and got customers who prefer buying mowing products from the Murray mowers whenever they need a mower for domestic or commercial use.

These mowers can be used for maintain lawns in the universities, sports stadiums, or domestic lawns varying from small to larger yards alike.

Manufacturers of the Murray Lawn Mowers claim that these are the best lawn mowers available with the best quality and advanced technology.

It is very important to choose the right kind of lawn mower because everyone wants to have a perfect lawn that visually looks beautiful rather than an odd and inadequately looking lawn.

There can be variety of lawnmowers available in the market.

Murray Riding mowers can be mid range or 6-speed riding mowers for small and big yards that can give from 30 inch cut up to 45 inch cut.

Murray push mowers can give a 15 inch cut and also have a feature of 3 in 1 facility i.e. mulching or side grass blower along with discharge or bag cuttings that can be collected in a rear bag mechanism. Murray Lawn mowers are backed up by Briggs and Stratton engines, which are one of the best engines used in lawn mowers.

They range from $100 to $1000 in price. Some of the products are called 657 single speed, 675 variable speed HW, 825 variable speed, 450 side discharge, 550 rear bagger and 650 rear bagger 3 N 1 etc.

Murray's promises to provide a variety of product range, which meets customer requirements and gives the best experience with all types of lawnmowers.


A few heard complaints associated with this brand name registered off and on by some consumers like gas leak, plastic made wheels or the belt malfunction has nothing to do with the product quality but should be attributed to user's ignorance of the instructions listed in the manual and not following them properly in the sequence they are written.


All in all, Murray Lawn Mowers are considered the low price machines which are decent, simple in its design and consist of one of the best engines which will still go on even if the plastic parts of the lawnmower falls apart.



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