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With a tag line "built for life", the Troy Bilt brand promises a certain level of quality and robustness.
With a tag line "built for life", the Troy Bilt lawn mowers promises a certain level of quality and robustness.

Troy-Bilt first appeared on the scene of outdoor equipment with its roto-tiller that revolutionized the rotary tiller
design by introducing rear fixed blades and a wholly motorized cultivator as early as 1937.

Since then and the success of that first motorized outdoor equipment,
Troy-Bilt mowers have expanded their range to produce garden tractors, lawn tractors, zero- turn lawn mowers and push mowers to meet the different needs that landscapers and homeowners have for the maintenance of their lawns.

Whether you have a small yard that requires a conventional push mower or a larger property requiring a machine built to handle both the bulk and the time required, Troy -Bilt has the ideal mower to suit your needs.

Walk behind Lawn Mowers

The Troy Bilt TB110
The Troy Bilt TB110
Troy Bilt has eight models of walk-behind mowers with either push-drive technology or a self propelled engine.
The electric self propelled mowers like the TB270 ES Tri-Action 21" is easy to assemble.
All you need is a razor knife to open the box that it comes in, a spanner and screw driver to tighten the necessary nuts and bolts; once you've put the oil and gas in you can turn the key and simply allow the machine to glide on over your lawn.
The machine has six easily marked settings with transmission controls conveniently located on the handle bars allowing the user to pace themselves.
From 1, 2, 3 to 6 you can chose how deep you want tour blades to go, you can cut well over 3" on the highest setting, allowing for a closer shave of your lawn.
The self propelled front wheel driven mower is easy to control and less prone to jerking like most gas powered mowers are.
With a Briggs & Stratton engine fitted the need to prime or choke the engine is eliminated.

The Troy Bilt lawn mowers works well even on wet grass because of the special "rake" fitted in front to separate the grass as it moves.
Along with this useful feature, you also get cutting modes like the bag-less mulching mode that leaves no unsightly clumps behind.
You can easily vary the depth of the blade to cut along those garden beds where the grass needs to be kept very short.
The large rear wheels make it easy to maneuver whilst the high handle bars make for less bending which means: no lower back pains and a more pleasant mowing experience.

The TB270 ES Tri-Action 21" retails at around $299.
In the Walk-behind troy Bilt lawn mower range there's the low end TB 110 Tri-Action 21" Walk-behind push mower retailing at $199.
The Tri-Action feature combines a rake guards and ensure a more perfect cut.

Riding Lawn Mowers

The Troy Bilt Pony Lawn Tractor
The Troy Bilt Pony Lawn Tractor
With names like Range Rider, Thoroughbred and Mustang Colt, riding a Troy bilt riding mower can be quite an experience.
The Zero-turn capability reduces cutting time and is ideal for large yards.
Most of these are equipped with HP Kohler courage engines.
The difference between models lies mostly in the blades fixed; for instance, the Colt uses 42-inch twin blades while the mustang is fixed with 50-inch triple blades.
Troy-bilt has created the Big Red Horse with a twin cylinder engine and a 50inch cutting deck for heavier jobs.
As if that would not be impressive enough, they have this model fitted with an automatic transmission and cruise control.
Other extras on riding mowers include: high back chairs and cup holders on some model.

Zero turn mowers are ideal for mowing laws with lots of obstacles, they move faster and leave no circles of uncut grass.
The only draw back for these types of riding mowers is that they aren't good for slopping landscapes and do not have interchangeable attachments that one normally gets on push mower.

Of all Troy Bilt lawn mowers, the Super Bronco was once considered to be top of the range.
It had a 20 HP Kohler Courage engine, a 46" triple blade mowing deck and pedal controls that would have had you thinking you were driving a car when all you were doing was mowing the lawn!
This model has had so many bad reviews that it has been replaced by the Mustang ZT 50" Zero-turn riding mower with a wide 50-inch deck that cuts about 2-1/2 acres of grass in an hour with more of the comforts that are found in all of Troy-Bilt's riding mowers and it goes around tight spots much easier and handles inclines very well.

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