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Reviews And Comparisons Of Hover Lawn Mowers

The Hover lawn mower is basically a lightweight machine otherwise it couldn’t have been possible for the mower to achieve the desired lift above the ground necessary for its working.
Hover Lawn Mowers are created on basis of the technology which is also being used driving a hovercraft

A turbine is positioned on the spinning blades that enforce air in the downhill direction, making an air cushion that elevates the mower up.

The mower remains above the ground level unless the air cushion remains below it.

With almost negligible bit of terrain friction presented to the mower due to gap between the mower and the ground moving the machine needs no effort at all.

The machine is housed in plastic body along with an electric motor.


Hover lawn mowers are multitalented enough to mow both on tall grass and short sized grass.

The light weight of this machine together with the hovering strokes makes it trouble-free for the user to haul up the mower and bring it down, as the tall grass is being mowed away.

However, quite a few user reviews on the efficacy of the hover lawn mowers are generally not satisfactory.

Quite a few of the common complaints are that users don’t find any service locations in the USA.

They have to order its required spare parts from England.

Secondly this mower gets blocked mowing the high grass that is a kind of conflicting to what is being claimed by its manufacturers since it's claimed to cut the deep grass alongside a water area.

Hover lawn mowers are not as trendy in the USA, as they are in England.

Currently numerous Hover Lawn Mower models are in use.

Out of these the Flymo Turbolite 330 is considered a great model, which falls in the Hover Flymo turbolite series of mowers.

It can be operated with an electric motor and is pretty lightweight, this mower is trouble-free to handle plus operate.

Hovering above a pad of air, it makes lawn cutting a pleasant exercise and experience.

Another model, the Flymo XL500 Plus version is a great addition to the 4-stroke petrol lawn mowers.

Similar to other Hover machines, this mower is also very light in weight and easy to maneuver around.

Its petrol run motor gives you freedom from burdensome load of electric cables, which makes working on tougher landscapes easy with an unlimited radius of action.

This model is particularly created for use over continual inclined surfaces of up to 45 degree.

Hover Lawn Mower the Allen

Hover lawn mower
Hover lawn mower
Hover Lawn Mower the Allen 450 20” Petrol 4 Stroke is also superb creation of Hover groups.

This model has typically been developed for heavy-duty commercial mowing jobs while it’s powered by a 4.5hp 4-stroke Honda engine..

It has been manufactured for use over sloppy surfaces; its fuel pump has capacity to ensure a constant petrol supply to the engine over longer durations of time. Similar to Allen 450 20”, Allen 18” is also a great adding.

This Hover Lawn Mower Is being offered with a Honda four cycles 2.9 horsepower engine along with a flexi blade.

They are intended to mow continuously over hilly places.

Allen hover mowers are lightweight and features ABS injected deck that improves life, mower conduct and grass cutting performance.

One more Allen 16" Hover Lawn Mower is very lightweight with just weight up to 36 pounds although it has an innovative and improved ABS injection molded deck, which is enormously strong and very light.

Its engine has dug in engine mounts along with nylon bushing gaskets to help eradicate vibration.

Similar to Allen16”, another tiny size Hover lawn mower is the compact 300. This hover mower also collects grass and makes them compressed, making it easy to empty it afterwards.

The 30 cms cutting deck is ideal for small lawns.

A 4 cutting height steps are available with cutting ranges from 10 mm to 30 mm.

Other models in this series are Hover Compact 330 plus 350 feature cutting deck of 33 cms and 35 cms.

What Hover Lawn Mowers have in common

There are certain features which are found common in almost all the available Hover Lawn Mowers.

Mostly all Hover models are environment friendly and enclosed therein are the electric motors which develop air cushion.

They are often lightweight so that air can lift them up sufficiently for smooth working and frictionless operation.

These mowers are normally bag less as the cut grass would result enhanced weight of the mower unit which is not desirable.

A medium size petrol engine is being utilized to run all models of Hover Lawn Mowers.

The Toro Zero turn riding mowers and tractors are sophisticated and elite in look.

These riders are for the people who want the advancement and modernization in their lawn equipment.

Reviews Of Hover Lawn Mowers

Buy the new Allen XR16 16-Inch 2-8/9 HP 4-Cycles Honda GXV-57 Gas-Powered Hover Lawn Mower
The Allen XR16 is still, by far, the most economical and fuel efficient mower of its kind




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