Battery Lawn Mowers

Reviews Of Battery Lawn Mowers

These mowers do not need gasoline as its fuel so there is no smoke produced out of them.
Battery lawn mowers have gained much popularity these days as they are environment friendly as well as user friendly.

These mowers do not need gasoline as its fuel so there is no smoke produced out of them.

As the name indicates these mowers do not need any electrical outlet to be linked to in order to operate.

These work on rechargeable batteries which whenever required may be pulled out and recharged.


As these mowers do not need long wires so these are considered highly user friendly as well as safe.
Gasoline lawn mowers were in great use before the invention and recognition of battery operated lawn mowers but with the passage of time and increase in knowledge of human about the adverse affects of use of non-renewable resources and environmental pollution they gradually lost their fame.

Moreover these mowers also produce a lot of noise adding to the already noise polluted environments.

Next to them, came the electrical land mowers.
These were quite better than the old gasoline lawn mowers but they had the flaw to carry long wires which needed to travel along with the mower wherever it was required to be used.

Then came the famous "battery operated lawn mowers" with no release of toxic gas fumes and no headache of long power cords.

Advantages of battery lawn mowers

Black & Decker CM1936 battery lawn mower
Black & Decker CM1936
Few uses of battery operated lawn mowers are as follows:

  • A quality machine with no emission of hazardous and toxic gases.
  • Optimum quality performance.
  • Leave the environment and surroundings neat and clean with fresh air.
  • No limits of work radius with the battery operated lawn mowers as there is no power cable connected to them.
  • Large lawns and garden are not difficult to handle anymore with the use of such lawn mowers as there is no problem to carry long wires along.
  • Noise less function because of these mowers so there is no noise pollution.
  • Using the electric mowers leaves the possibility of receiving electric shock especially with children around.
  • Battery powered mowers are economical and low on maintenance whereas gas operated mowers are expensive on maintenance.

Disadvantages of battery lawn mowers

Like every other equipment or machine, this type of the lawn mower also has few drawbacks. Below are some of the drawbacks associated with these lawn mowers.

  • Uneven lawn surfaces cannot be handled with these lawn mowers smoothly.
  • The batteries of a battery operated lawn mower get exhausted quite rapidly. However this factor also depends on the size and type of batteries used in the mower.
  • As these mowers are operated by batteries therefore they cannot mow large quantities of grass.
  • Daily mowing becomes a necessity if these mowers are to be used.
  • These lawn mowers are not self-propelled.
  • Very tall and wet grass cannot be cut by such lawn mowers.
  • Only specific types of the grasses may be cut by these mowers. These may include fine fescue, perennial etc.

Maintenance Of Battery Lawn Mowers

The batteries which are a major component of these mowers are usually made of nickel cadmium whereas lead acid and lithium batteries are quite expensive.
Nickel cadmium batteries are eco-friendly so can be recycled.
These batteries do not require frequent maintenance.

These mowers are not made to be used on wet grass however if used any way exert great pressure on the batteries and so there lifespan gets shortened.
Mower also becomes affected if large quantity of grass is mowed at a time.

These lawn mowers are best for homes with small lawns and gardens.
Efficient and effective results may be obtained if this mower is used carefully.
The most important advantage and useful aspect of such mowers is that these are environment friendly.

Gasoline which is an important non-renewable resource is not required for its operation and at the same time no smoke is generated because of these mowers so there is no issue of global warming as well.

If you need to store the mower for long and you leave it with battery still connected then it the battery will soon get exhausted much before it could be used again in the next session.
However this does not mean that the battery has permanently expired.
Recharging the battery will get its life back.


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