Lawn Mower Wheels

Reviews And Comparisons Of Lawn Mower Wheels

Wheels are specifically designed to roll the mowers over the grass easily.
Lawn mower wheels are an important component of a lawn mower.

Lawn mowers are important machines which are a necessity to keep our lawns and garden in proper shape.

Lawn mowers help us to make our homes beautiful by enhancing its exterior beauty and look.

A good lawn mower is the one which keeps our lawn in a good condition and at the same time does not have leave any negative effect on the grass as well.

With the passage of time a lawn mower gets hampered and jammed.
This may be due to its continuous use and if not maintained properly may result in its break down.

For this reason maintenance of a lawnmower is must.

There are many faults that may appear with your mower due to continuous use.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Lawn mower fuel tank becomes stale
  • Engine gets flooded
  • Blades wornout
  • Wheels uneven
  • Dirty air filters
  • Engine worn out
  • And many more

Lawn mower wheels do not break very often but need to be replaced at once if a problem is discovered in them.
Wheels are an important part of a mower which should not be ignored while making a schedule for mower's maintenance.

Replace Wheels

Wheels are specifically designed to roll the mowers over the grass easily.
The easiest way to replace a wheel is searching the original manufacturer's part.
There are many companies which help their customers to get the exact parts.

Toro and Black and Decker are some of them.
These spare parts even if not original must replicate them in the nearest possible form and should be able to work fine after having been installed in place of the faulty parts.

Main thing is to match the exact size of the axle diameter and wheel to the required one.

Types of Wheels

There are three types of mower's wheels.

Wheels For Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Wheels for self propelled lawn mowers
Wheels for self propelled lawn mowers
First is designed for the self-propelled mowers.
These types of wheels derive their energy from the engine so as to push the mower forward.
The direction of the mower may be changed with the help of control of available throttles.
These types of wheels are quite distinct because they have ridges on the inner part of the mower wheel.

A replacement wheel is required if the mower is turning in a particular direction only.
However if there is wear in the driving wheels then these need to be replaced.
Replacement of both wheels is advisable to maintain the uniformity between their motions.

No ridges are present in the push lawn mowers and they also lack a drive system.
They are easily replaced when compared to self-propelled wheels.

By taking off a bolt at the end will easily take the wheel off easily.
Push reel mowers do not require a motor and need human power instead to turn the spiral blade.
In a push-reel mower it's very easy to replace a wheel but it needs to be made sure that the new wheel should be equal in diameter to the old wheel being changed.

Textured Tire

Lawn Mower Hight Wheels
Lawn Mower Hight Wheels
Second type of tire is the textured tire made of rubber and is exterior on the tire.

The rubber consists of tread so it has a good grip even on a rough terrain.

While replacing such tires users may choose from a range of tread tires and each have its own best results.

Examples of such treads are zig-zag ones and diamond ones.

Basic Tire

A basic rubber tire is the third type of tire.
Large mowers have pneumatic tires which are filled with pressurized air that are similar to the car or bicycle tires.
While replacing a mower's wheel following tools may be required.

  • Jack
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Tire pressure guage
  • New replacement wheels and etc...
If your old tire has a slow leak problem then it might be corrected by simply inflating it.

Drive the mower or spin the wheel for few minutes so the sealant which you have injected in the wheel spreads easily.

See for the whole day. If the tire holds then its fine and if not change it with a new one.

Jack up the mower and take out the wheel. Put a new wheel on the axle replacing the restraining clip.

Release the jack and allow the wheels to settle on the ground. Check the air pressure.



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