Choosing The Best Lawn Mower for Your Needs

Which is the best lawn mower for you?

With so many choices around, deciding for the best model of lawn mower may prove to be a difficult task
There are several factors which can make a best lawn mower more attractive.

The most important factors include price, clear cutting, engine power and versatility.

Also narrowing down which mower is best for you starts with an overall comparison and being able to narrow down your needs to determine precisely what type of mower you require.

Price is a vital factor in determining the overall value of a lawn mower, but a low price does not always mean that you are getting the best value for your money.

We've chosen 5 different ways of selecting the best lawn mower by types; Push Reel Mower , Self Propelled Lawn Mower, Lawn Tractor, Electric Lawn Mower , Riding Lawn Mower and zero-turn lawn mowers.

Best Push Reel Mower - Scotts Classic 20-inch

Scotts Classic 20-inch
Scotts Classic 20-inch
Amongst some of the best lawn mowers, Scotts Classic 20-inch Push Reel Mower makes on top of the list.

Scotts Classic 20-inch Push Reel Mower is definitely designed for you!

This lawn mower is simple to assemble and even simpler to use.

With its sharp 20 inch cutting blades, easy maneuverability, 9 adjustable height and back wheels, gardening is made an easy and fun task.

The blades make it easy to carry out gardening on any type of the terrain which you wish to mow upon.

Several features of this lawn mower make it unique from the others.

The Scotts Classic comes with a 20 inch cutting width and weighs only 30 pounds; making cutting quite similar to the way it is carried out using a power lawn mower.

This lawn mower comes equipped with 5 blades which lead to excellent lawn mowing and with the help of unique back wheels, maneuverability is increased threefold!

Its height range being between 1 and 3 inches provides you with an option of the type of cut you want.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower - Craftsman 675 Series 22 inch

Craftsman 675 Series 22 inch
Craftsman 675 Series 22 inch
However if you are looking for one of the best self propelled lawn mower, the Craftsman 675 Series 22 inch mower might exactly be what you just need!

It is perfect for those people who like to mow but cannot handle the physical exertion which comes with gardening.

With features such as height adjustability, desk washing system and blades which can cut 2 feet wide, this lawn mower is definitely something worth trying out in your lawn.

This lawn mower is by Sears and they certainly know their job when it comes to making lawn mowers.

This self propelled lawn mower is certainly amongst one of the best lawn mowers!

Best Lawn Tractor - Husqvarna CTH2642TE, 42 inch

Husqvarna Lawn Tractor - CTH2642TE
Husqvarna Lawn Tractor - CTH2642TE
Another machine amongst the best lawn mowers is the 42 inch Husqvarna Lawn Tractor.

This lawn tractor makes it easy to mow a large area of grass within a very short span of time.

Tractors by Husqvarna offer excellent quality and results and its size makes it all the more easy to use.

The Husqvarna 42 inch tractor runs extremely smooth and is quite durable with excellent riding operations.

It has features such as adjustment of the height and the one feature which truly sets it apart from the other lawn mowers is its ergonomic wheel which is what results in this lawn tractor being one of the smoothest and comfortable one to use.

Best Electric Lawn Mower - Black and Decker MM275 18-Inch 9-Amp

Black and Decker MM275
Black and Decker MM275
But if you are someone who cares for keeping the safe environments around then one of the best electric lawn mower
for you may prove to be the 18-Inch 9-Amp Electric Mulching Mower by Black and Decker.

The key features of this lawn mower are what make it unique and different from the rest of the available lawn mowers.

Lightweight in design, single height adjustment level, a 9 ampere motor, an 18 inch mower deck and minimum effort required for assembling; what more could one ask for?

The benefits of using this lawn mower by Black and Decker is that it does not require much maintenance,
it comes with an option of side bagging, it is an easy to use mower and comes with a 2 year warranty making it a definite option for almost all types of the users.

Best Zero-Turn Lawn Mower - John Deere Z-Trak

John Deere Z-Trak
John Deere Z-Trak
The John Deere Z-Trak lawn mower has definitely made lawn mowing and cutting an easier task.

This lawn mower is extremely quick and easy to use which makes it a likeable lawn mower all over.

Not only does it have excellent steering abilities, it also keeps the mower comfortable and calm while carrying out the gardening activity.

There are many series of lawn mowers by John Deere.

There are the residential zero-turn lawn mowers and the diesel based commercial lawn mowers.

Each is unique on their own, being able to cut acres of grass.

Equipped with excellent controls and features, many people opt for this lawn mower as being amongst the best lawn mower.

Riding Lawn Mower - John Deere 48 with Mowing Deck

John Deere 48 with Mowing Deck
John Deere 48 with Mowing Deck
Some people find take mowing as another chore which they would prefer avoiding than tackle.

But people who use the John Deere Riding Lawn Mower with a 48 Mowing Deck and 24 HP think otherwise!

This lawn mower is one which does not require much maintenance which is why many people consider this to be a great lawn mower.

Powered by gasoline, having an in-built reverse technology and 2 year warranty makes this lawn mower a great choice.

Not only is this easy to use, it carries out the job without a sound and is able to cut all grass in its path the first pass!




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