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Reviews Of Push Lawn Mowers

Push lawn mowers are simple type of mowers which are pushed by humans.
Push lawn mowers are simple type of mowers which are pushed by humans.

A lawn mower is considered a machine which uses a revolving blade or more than one blade to cut a lawn at an accepted length.

Different designs have been made according to needs of different users and wants of customers.

The smallest type of a lawn mower is suitable for home and residential use and is pushed by a human.

These mowers are not very expensive too.

There are mowers which are larger in size as compared to these push lawn mowers and are generally used for larger garden and lawns.
Here we may take the example of sports gardens and golf courses.
The largest group of mowers is the one which can be ridden onto by its operators.
These mowers are the multi-gang mowers which are pulled behind a tractor and are used for larger area municipal garden.

Many Types

There are many types of lawn mowers.
These mowers have been divided into different categories based on their different cutting styles and types of fuels they use.
Some mowers cut by rotational phenomenon; these include the cylindrical or reel mowers.
Some mowers operate by fuels, some need batteries, and some are robotic.

Instruction for operation

Pushing a lawn mower seems to be an easy task but a research shows that in 2006 nearly 100,000 Americans had suffered from lawn mowers accidents.
The waste, debris and pebbles can move up to 100 miles per hour and cause injury to its user or operator.
Here are some instructions that would be very helpful while operating a push lawn mower.

  • Some safety items required to be kept all the time with the users while performing the mowing activity includes the safety goggles, boots which can withstand hard woody debris or pebbles, work gloves and last but not least the operator needs to be wearing full pants so that if the debris or any hard thing displaces from its position it does not injure him much.

  • First step which should be done before mowing is that the yard or the garden needs to be checked. Any rocks, sticks or debris found needs to be removed immediately (at least the one which is larger in size and visible to the eyes).
    Then the goggles need to be put on. Any sandals or flip-flops needs to be ignored at this time.

  • Then the mower needs to be checked. Check that whether it is filled with fuel or not because filling the fuel while the mower's power is on could prove very dangerous sometimes.
    However if the fuel gets finished during the mowing than shut down the mower and let it cool down for a moment and then begin refueling.
    The mower deck height needs to be adjusted to ensure correct cutting of the grass. This also secures the grass bag. If there's no grass bag and mower has a flap instead than make sure that it is clean.

  • The next and important step is that you make sure the mower gets a flat surface to work upon.
    It should not be a climbing height. Then the mower needs to be started according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • The safety bar needs to be held down.
    This bar stops the mower's engine but at the same time it needs to be held so that the mower starts and run.
    When the mower gets started it's important for the user to hold it firmly so that it does not move away simultaneously.
    The starter cord needs to be pulled in order to start the mower.
    This may take a little while as it may not start in the first attempt.
    However if the engine does not start at all take a break and repeat above mentioned two steps.

  • Last but not the least you must mow in straight lines.
    Its up to you whether you want to mow vertically or horizontally and when ever there is a need of changing the row push the mower's handle down and then lift the front wheels off the ground and then start with the new row.
    Try leaving very little space between the two rows so that there is no uncut grass left.

  • Mowers need to be serviced by a professional at start of each use.

  • Mowers should be kept away from children.

  • Mowers should never be used in rains or thunderstorm.


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