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The very first vintage lawn mowers were invented in the UK in the year 1830.

The lawn mower was created by a man named Edwin Beard Budding.

Budding got the idea of creating a lawn mower after having closely noticed a cotton mill.

By examining the way cloth was being produced in the cotton mill, he decided using the same idea to get the grass cut and this led to the invention of the vintage mower.

The very first lawn mower was created in Stroud in a factory by Budding and his partner who was called John Ferrabee.

The pieces these two gentlemen developed can still be found in certain cities of England.

People like mowing their lawns these days which makes lawn mowers a must in every house.

Certain people enjoy collecting vintage and antique items due to its associated special charm and originality.

Lawn mowers too have traditional models which have been in existence for many years now and are considered to be quite antique these days.

Many of us prefer making use of the latest technology and hence the latest types of lawn mowers are liked by everyone alike.

Nonetheless it would be interesting to know how these vintage mowers works and how the latest ones have evolved from what they were once they were first designed or conceived.


Vintage Reel Mower
Vintage Reel Mower
The very first vintage mower was made out of pure cast iron and had a roller larger than what is found on lawn mowers these days.

Once the two partners started off with their production of these vintage mowers, they granted licenses to other companies to build these lawn mowers as well.

One such company to whom the license was granted was Ransomes.

Ever since, many companies came about which led to an increase in the number of vintage lawn mowers production.

This was pushed forward due to the lapsing of the patent in 1850.

Various companies started designing lawn mowers having particular features which distinguished them from the rest of their competitors.

Each of these vintage mowers was equipped with a specific feature which other lawn mowers of the same design did not have and this led to creating a competitive spirit among these companies as well.

One of the designs that came about in vintage lawn mowers was having the side wheels.

The machines which had side wheels attached to them could be used to cut grass which was extremely coarse.

These lawn mowers turned out to be a great success and even more popular than the previous vintage lawn mower design particularly because of the fact that they were quite inexpensive too.

Once steam engine was invented and introduced in the market besides petrol engines, motorized vintage lawn mowers started gaining popularity.

The very first lawn mower of the sort was produced in the year 1890; only 60 years after the first lawn mower was manufactured.

Lawn mowers geared by steam and petrol engines both received considerable popularity and were being purchased by huge number of people across the globe.

In the first few years of the 20th century, many companies started producing petrol driven lawn mowers.

Some of these companies included Sims and Jefferies and Ransomes.

These companies were the largest market producers for petrol lawn mowers however their growth lasted only up till World War One.

Post world war era saw many companies popping up and started producing and manufacturing lawn mowers and Atco was one of the most successful companies among them which manufactured lawn mowers in the immediate post World War One era.

The Atco brand was owned by a limited company known as Charles H. Pugh Ltd.

Despite being known for producing vintage mowers, the company was primarily the first one which had produced lawn mowers in large numbers.

Soon, lawn mowers became available in various sizes and due to the popularity of these lawn mowers and the profits Atco was earning, another company sprung up challenging Atco.

This company was known as Qualcast and it too saw much success during its peak years.

As the years went by, the size of vintage mowers got smaller and these machines became lighter in weight as well.

Apart from this, they got equipped with engines much more powerful than ever before.




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