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The Toro Walk behind mowers hailed with its roots in landscape contracting, golf course and sports field managers and continues to stay involved commercially to this date.
Toro walk behind lawn mowers have been around for about a century now, tracking back all the way to the 1900's.

The Toro Walk behind mowers hailed with its roots in landscape contracting, golf course and sports field managers and continues to stay involved commercially to this date.

Having said all this, it is obvious that Toro Walk behind Mowers have been the most trusted and reliable brand in the market when one talks of the spheres of sports and especially golf.

The amount of the trust people and companies lay on this brand name indicates how much the brand is trusted and respected among the masses.

Two Basic Types

Currently, the Toro mowers company is working on two basic types of lawn mowers, available in a range of variety of models.

To start off with, they have the e-Cycler Toro walk behind mowers. This type here works on the tagline: 'Go Cordless, Get Green'.

As the tagline suggests, Toro walk behind mowers introduced the new e-Cycler battery powered mower.

In this invention, the user is off the hassle of gas, oil and any sort of virtual maintenance.

Its functioning is as simple as just power-up, un-plug and mow. However, the cordless Toro walk behind mowers is more expensive than a corded mower, given the leisure they have to offer.

Once you get down to counting the extra benefits and convenience they have to offer, the extravagant price of it just might seem to come off pretty reasonable.

A cordless lawn mower has way more flexibility and range to offer, as compared to a corded walk behind lawn mower.

The basic reason behind this entire concept is that why to remain tethered to an electrical cord once you can achieve more maneuverability on almost the same price.

Cordless electric mowers are also the easiest type to convert to solar power, and you can get self-propelled models if hills are an issue.

The coverage area on one battery's power charge varies amongst models, but the average an e-Cycler model by the Toro lawn mowers runs up to 10,000 square feet on average.

The other type of Toro walk behind mowers is the recycler series.

It is generally their most expensive mower out of all the mowers they offered till to date.

The self-propelled gas lawn mowers are moved by their motors thus obviating the need to be pushed by the user himself.

They are considered the most convenient and hassle free machines to maintain your lawn in a lush and tidy condition.

The recycler model by Toro mowers has a ready and start mode electric switch, that is built to avoid any sort of prime or choking, automatically injecting the minimum amount of fuel needed to trigger the engine thus rightly claimed as the fuel efficient machine.

It is a front wheel drive, with about 11 inches of rear wheels to work and run with efficacy on a rigid terrain. Its innovative personal pace system with rear wheel drive, automatically senses and adapts to the user's walking speed.

Walk faster and the mower self propels faster to match your pace, up to 4 miles an hour.

Usually the main drawback with self propelled mowers is that they are cumbersome, but with the lightweight recycler, weight is no more an issue.


The bag on demand feature allows the operator to switch from the mulching to the bagging mode, by merely flipping the lever attached to the engine, saving time and energy at the same time.

Once you are done, the wash out port helps you insert your garden hose into the port, and wash out the residue grass off your lawn mower, making the cleaning process much convenient and fun.

These lawn mowers are also considered best once it comes to the issue of recurrent maintenances.

The Toro walk behind mower would prove to be your onetime investment over the next 20 years.

These mowers don't require frequent maintenance as they are highly rugged piece of equipment.


Going out and picking a Toro walk behind mower for your garden might just be the best decision you could make for your lawn as they will serve your lawn the best.



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