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Toro Super Recycler Mower is an innovative example of the company with its own patented Personal Pace cutting system.
When you are looking for the best mowing quality, technology, innovation and precision engineering in a super recycler, then Toro Super Recycler Mower is the type that nobody could easily overlook.

They have set the standards as one of the very best performance machines in this category.

Super recycler mowers help you maintain a lawn that grows quickly.

Super recycler mowers are much different and unique from the traditional mowers.

Toro came into the industry with its innovations about 90 years ago and still bringing new products for residential as well as corporate lawn maintenance business.

Super Recycler Mower is an innovative example of the company with its own patented Personal Pace cutting system.

The company has also taken initiative for the safety of the planet towards a greener society and has introduced such products which do not harm the environment.

An SR4 is an example which would just cost you around $729.99 in America and is an environment friendly mower giving a superior grass cutting results compared to other mowers available in the market these days.

Popular Models

Toro 20092 Super Recycler
Toro 20092 Super Recycler
Some of the popular models of Super Recycler Mowers are 20090 Super Recycler, 20091 Super Recycler, 20092 Super Recycler, 20093 and 20095 Super Recycler all having almost same features with a 5 year warranty.

They all carry a cutting width of 21 inch, supports Brigg and Stratton engines, and standard side dischargers.

20090 Super Recycler has a push drive system while the others have Personal Pace self propel drive systems.

They are durable machines which are built from rustproof material and are light in weight.

These machines give an excellent cut with its patented cutting technology.

Super Recycler Mowers come with a wide product range including the super recycler or super bagger, e-cycler and recycler models.

The super bagger models 20194 and 20197 are also two innovative machines in the recycler category.

Usually one gets irritated when the bags get filled with the cut grass and we are not in a mood to expel them during the mowing process.

Therefore, super bagger mowers come with an extra feature of holding more cuttings than the standard size baggers.

It also supports a light weight Honda engine and has been designed keeping in mind the environmental issues with a 5 year warranty which is something unusual with Toro.


Super Care Advantage

Toro Super Recycler Mowers also have an additional support feature known as Super Care Advantage.

The advantages are that a customer gets free blade sharpening annually, coupons and tips and suggestions which will help you increase the life of the machine.

Some of the pros of this product includes that it is Key-Lectric which means that it is not like the traditional mower and does not require a cord to be pulled, just a key start.

It also has a blade override system which is similar to the standby option of a computer, as it can temporarily switch off the machine when you are required to empty the bagger thus freeing you from the hassle of starting it again.

It also has a personal pace rear wheel drive option which allows the operators to mow at a speed they like up to 4mph.

***bottomadsense.shtml*** The Toro super recycler mower provides adjustable cut heights that can be adjusted in seven different positions from 1.25" to 4.25".

The company claims that the mower would start in just two pulls for the initial five years from the date of its purchase or the company would extend its free services to fix the problem.

The mower comes fitted with a cast aluminium cutting deck thus making it rust free.


Toro Super Recycler Mower is a very innovative machine designed by Toro having its own pros and cons.

It is among the recommended machines having some new features and its own patents.

Some minor features also include the quick change functionality for storage handle, quick washout port which allows the operator to flush out the unwanted grass clippings by attaching a garden hose to the mower deck, adjustable cut range feature and also a 5 year guaranteed-to-start warranty.

Therefore, overall the super recycler mower is a very helpful, powerful, reliable, easy to use and environment friendly product by Toro which has been designed smartly and is highly recommendable.



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