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Snapper riding mowers are one of the innumerable types of residential lawn and garden equipment produced by Snapper Company.
Snapper riding mowers are one of the innumerable types of residential lawn and garden equipment produced by Snapper Company.

They've got a full line of equipment, including walk-behind mowers, riding mowers, zero-turn mowers, lawn tractors and even snow throwers and tillers.

Snapper is without a shred pf doubt one of the largest and most popular brands in the market these days and for justifiable reasons.

Snapper riding mowers are some of the most recognized and trusted lawn mowers on the market these days.

Since its recent acquisition in the year 2004, Snapper now represents the lawn power division of Briggs and Stratton, and all of its mowers feature the Briggs and Stratton engines.

All the snapper lawn mowers equipment ranges $1400 to $5000. The price range mainly depends upon the accessories, the deck size and the horsepower.

There are several popular snapper mowers models manufactured by the Snapper Inc.

These models are Walk behind, rear engine rider, zero turn mowers, lawn & garden tractors and rear tire tillers.

Riding Mowers and Lawn Tractors

Snapper is perhaps best known for its riding lawn mowers.

Snapper's front engine lawn and garden tractors feature a turn radius from 14 to 18 inches, and many come with all-wheel steering for extra convenience and minimal trimming.

Models range from the basic and straightforward LT100 and LT130 AWS to the industrial minded, heavy-duty GT600, but most home owners prefer looking into the LT range for a good lawn tractor meeting their needs.

Lawn tractors feature adjustable cut height, car-like foot controls, and hydro-automatic transmission.

Some models have a translucent gas tank to help you avoid any guesswork with regards to your fuel needs.

All can be converted to mulching or bagging with an additional kit.

The rear engine mower is probably the best signature Snapper lawn mower.

It was invented by Snapper, and Snapper sells more rear engine lawn mowers than any other manufacturer.

The rear engine offers more leg room and a more comfortable ride, as well as 3-in-1 convertibility.

The standard rear engine mowers work the turn radius down to 12 inches, and the frame pivots for additional comfort and access.

The rear engine model comes with the disc drive transmission making the user free from the hassle of fooling with the gears and clutches.

Riding the rear engine mower is like driving your automatic car.

Snapper Zero Turn Mowers

Snapper also manufactures the top rated zero turn lawn mowers.

Zero turn mowers are more compact for convenient storage.

Unlike the other rear engine mowers and lawn tractors, which feature foot controls, zero turn mowers are controlled with a dual lever action system.

Snapper zero turn mowers are also convertible for bagging and mulching.


No matter what your lawn care needs and budget are, Snapper has you covered.

From inexpensive and efficient push mowers to the highest end lawn and garden tractors and zero turn mowers, there's something snappers have to fit any situation, whether home or commercial.

The 2 year warranty support that the Snapper mowers offers is also a unique privilege that is given to their customers.

Snapper has dealers all across the country.

They have also provided their customers with the ease and convenience of a local repair center if you run into any sort of trouble with your mower.

Snapper mowers is the basic and most reliable solution to all of your lawn mowing requirements.

Snapper riding mowers is a product lane that would serve you well.

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