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How to describe Snapper LT125 Tractor?

Lawn tractors are ideal for someone who has a half-acre or more of lawn to mow but so are riding mowers.

The tractor however has a wider swath which trims mowing time; furthermore, unlike riders, tractor mowers can be fitted with additional accessories and cost a little less than most riders.

When buying a lawn tractor, versatility is a very important consideration.

Most lawn tractors can perform jobs like digging holes, rolling lawn, tilling besides actually mowing the lawn.
What makes this possible is the power take off spindle, this is why tractors are preferred over lawn riders.

Tractors tend to have a larger turning circle which make turning around trees and flower beds challenging.
There are however a few tractor models that can work their way around obstacles with much ease like the Snapper LT125 model.

Snapper produces a variety of mowing machines and garden equipment.

They have a full line of lawn tractors with the agile LT125 model being one of the three in series tractor.

The 14-inch turning radius makes trimming around obstacles with the Snapper LT125 lawn tractor easy.

The tractor is equipped with a 23 - or 24 - gross hp. Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine with extended life as well as a 42- or 46 inch mower deck.

The mower decks are removable; this feature also creates airflow to lift grass blades for an even cut and dispersal.

It offers a mulching and bagging option and 7 height options.

Features of Snapper LT125 Tractor

    The Snapper LT125 Tractor
    The Snapper LT125 Tractor
  • The engine makes it easy to simply start and go, there is no priming required.

    Moreover it is a quality, powerful engine that is guaranteed to last for a while.

    Briggs & Stratton Intek overhead valve engine climbs over rugged terrain with ease. Additionally, the engine has a muffler to ensure that it runs as quietly as possible.

    The Snapper's Quick-Hitch removal system is also handy on making the quick switching of the cutting deck very easy.

    When the deck is attached it can be raised and lowered via a hand lever and offers variable height adjustments from 1.5 to 4 inches in seven different positions

  • The best feature as most people would tell you, is that it drives like a car.
    The foot controls are easy and one can change direction quickly and safely.
    It is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission that is smooth and engages easily without hitching.
    It is also equipped with a cruise control feature.

  • The front axel is made of cast iron with grease fittings which makes driving over uneven terrain easier.

  • The LT125 turns around sharp corners with ease and give the closest trim that any conventional lawn tractor is likely to give.

  • The deck is stable but the grass can get caught in the draft and come out in inconsistent clumps. The only way to alleviate this is to slightly raise the deck.

  • Besides the inconsistent side discharge and the problems that some people have noted with the pulley system and belts wearing out, this is a pretty descent tractor for any residential lawn.


Buying a lawn tractor is much like buying a car.

There is a lot of thought that should go into it.
Like optional accessories increase the price of a car they also affect the price of a lawn tractor.

You need to choose the accessories of your lawn tractor as carefully as you would those of your car, consider too how useful they actually are to your particular needs and should you need to change the model for a better one, is the brand one that would fetch a good resale price?

Most stores will allow you to touch, attach and remove whatever accessories are said to come with the equipment.

You should do this, its like a little test drive of your lawn tractor.

The Snapper LT125 sells for $1,999 - $2,199 and comes with the standard Snapper two year warranty that all their products carry.

At that price you can be assured a quality product backed by a reputable brand that has been in existence since the turn of the century.

You will also have the peace of mind in knowing that there is a large dealer network that can help you should you encounter any problems with your Snapper tractor mower.

The Snapper is sold by reputable retailers such as Sears and parts can be purchased from various dealerships that carry the Snapper brand.


Given the facts of the superbly engineered Snapper LT125 Series, and its aggressively augmenting repute in the lawn mower market, we would strongly recommend you the Snapper LT125 Series lawn mower.

It is one machine that will give you the bang for your every buck.

Buying this machine, and taking it to your lawn might just be the change your lawn needs.



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