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A Poulan PB195H42LT pro lawn mower is one of the famous types of Poulan lawn mowers.
Poulan lawn mowers are one of the best type of lawn mowers which a person can have.

Poulan is a well known company which manufactures different types of outdoor work machineries for example the Leaf blowers, the Chainsaws and the lawn mowers of different engine powers per one's need.

All these equipments are very useful for the outdoor works like gardening and farming as well as for the domestic use from the mid-level markets.

Poulan manufactures Pro lawn tractors which are meant for grass trimming from the backyards and lawns.

Poulan brand today has name mostly for its outdoor power equipments which focus at mid-level consumers.

Poulan is owned by Husqvarna so these two mostly share their technologies with each other.

However this revolution of going from the older scheme to a newer one has pushed it more downmarket.

Moreover Husqvarna also offers its own products like lawn mowers, lawn tractors and other yard equipments and sales under the umbrella of Sears Craftsman house brand name.

. Most of the Crafts man products are in reality Husqvarna Products sold under name of Crafts man.


In most of it's models Poulan mowers have an engine of 22 hp and a cutting deck which is 36 inches broad.

These have a dual significance.

Apart from an ease of mowing their decks have a wash property.

They come with a hydrostatic pedal along with fluid based transmission which increases their usefullness as compared to the other lawn mowers available in the market these days.

These mowers are the best when you demand more from them.

With this machine, adding fuel has been made an easy process with no spillage risks.

The tractors also have a cruise power on the front towards right side.

So Poulan pro tractors are one of the best small version of tractors which a person can have.

The wheels (front) are of size 7'' and the rear wheels have a size of 12'' with a 5-position height adjusters.

Rear bag is included with this tractor and a 2 year warranty card is present with it.

However it may require some assembling when bought.

This tractor works through gas (its fuel) and its big fuel tank allows it to have a smooth functioning as long as there is gas in it.

When you go out in market place you would come up with different brands of mowers having different characteristics.

Poulan mowers are one of the best types and you won't regret this statement after buying and using them.

Similarly there are different brands of lawn tractors in the market place but the one having a hp of 22 is a difficult task to find.

The most easy to use and compact type of mowers are Poulan lawn tractor 42".

Similarly Poulan lawn tractor 19.5'' and Riding lawn mower which has a rear engine 26'' are also examples of commendable mowers.

All these mowers have the ability of providing a long term service to their consumers.

Poulan lawn tractors 42'' are known as six speed lawn mowers. Some recognizable factors of these mowers include twin blade with a stamped steel deck and a steel channel.

Another characteristic of these mowers is their ability of step-through pattern which makes them extra deserving for nay one's lawn

These have an additional dual-bin bagger so mowing may be an easy task for nay one.

important features of a Poulan PB195H42LT

Poulan PB195H42LT Pro lawn tractor
Poulan PB195H42LT Pro lawn tractor
-- 6.25 Torque Series Briggs and Stratton

-- 5 position height adjusters

-- 21-inch deck

-- Mulch, bag and side discharge

This tractor may be purchased from the home maintenece shops or from the hardware markets.

However there is also an option to buy them through internet.

All you need to do is to choose your required mower from the availabe list of mowers and place an order.

You may also try and search for any comments of its users which are easily accessible on the internet.




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