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Reviews And Comparisons Of Mtd Lawn Mowers

MTD is considered to be leaders in business of making power lawn mowers.
It has an unmatched record of providing quality services for more than 40 years.

MTD prioritize the customers ease and satisfaction.

For this reason the features of Mtd lawn mowers and quality of work is almost unmatched.

The lawn and grassy lands equipment by MTD does not need any introductory words.

The high quality products of lawn mowers are available in many models and have different types, specifications and features of lawn mowers keeping in view the needs of various home users and the commercial promotions.
The lawn mowers by MTD are known to be specialized in making gas powder mowers.
The famous brands under the MTD umbrella are:
  • Cub Cadet,
  • Troy Built,
  • Yard Man,
  • Bolens,
  • White Outdoor,
  • McCulloch.

Specifications and Features of Mtd Lawn Mowers

With all these brands, MTD is providing residential as well as commercial lawn mowers.
One of the major specifications and features that MTD residential lawn mowers have is its Stratton engine.
In some models the engines designed by Honda are also used.
The back wheels of residential MTD lawn mowers are of 12 to 13 inches that are suitable to mow the large area yards.
These are also appropriate to mow over uneven and coarse terrain. The back wheels are bigger in size that helps in pushing the mower easily.
The MTD residential lawn mowers also have the ability of 'self push'.
This makes moving of the lawn mower easier in hilly and rough yards.

MTD lawn tractors

MTD lawn tractors are the one among many of its types.
These lawn tractors are admirable for the comfortable riding seats with cushioned back that makes ride over large grounds for considerable period of time comfortable without making you tired, it's mulching and deck washing plug is very easy to clean and takes less time.
MTD lawn tractors have easy to use hydrostatic transmission that eliminates the chances of unintentional gear changing.
The huge gas tank in various models of MTD tractor lawn mowers is capable of storing huge gas and you don't need to worry about refilling of its gas tank while working for prolonged hours.
Lawn mowing may apparently seem to be a hectic task but the different models of MTD lawn mowers and tractors makes you practically think otherwise.
If you want to enjoy the lawn mowing in lesser time and without considering it a fatigue, MTD lawn tractors are the best mowing machines that you should choose.
MTD lawn mowing tractors allows you to cherish good times in your lawn and takes less time maintaining your yard.

MTD Zero turn lawn mowers

Zero turn lawn mowers by MTD have Briggs and Stratton Intek Engine that provides full oil lubrication in oil filters with spin technology.
The access to engine is made easy in all the models of MTD zero turn mowers so that you can easily perform the cleaning tasks whenever you desire.
Due to the dual hydro gear EZT transmission, no tubes are present in between the motor and pump of mower.
This hydro gear transmission feature gives great power to the deck.
There is a twin blade mowing deck, electric PTO to make smooth engagement of deck, cutting-discharge and mulch bag, the stamped steel body and parts.
The deck has an excellent feature of having deck wash port.
High back seat is fixed with adjustable levers so that you can adjust the seat according to your comfort.

Features in Residential and Commercial Models

There are unlimited and unmatched features that are available in different models of lawn mowers by MTD.
The MTD lawn mowers features, in both residential and commercial models, are well designed and marvelous in working.
But some low priced MTD residential lawn mowers seem to give problem in their back-end frame and transaxle.
The problems are of durability, due to weak braking potential and disconnection of blades safety concerns of the transaxle arise.
Some modification is thus considered required to overcome these drawbacks even if the MTD residential models provide strong engine power.
The commercial models don't have any major problems in working and customers seem to be highly satisfied with the commercial MTD lawn mowers.
The frames of commercial models are durable and there are no complaints in transaxle as well.



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