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Lawn boy is a famous company which has been manufacturing mowers.

Lawn boy is a famous company which has been manufacturing mowers.

It was in 1934 that the first original lawn boy lawn mower was manufactured by the Evinrude Company and it was the first one-handed reel power mower which was introduced in America.

Evinrude had bought Johnson Motor Wheel Company a year later and after that it merged with the Outboard Marine and Manufacturing Company referred as OMC,
and it continued to manufacture the lawn boy lawn mowers till 1939 but it was then stopped because of World War II.

Lawn boy was a company which had 70 years of experience of making lawn care devices. It was well known for its products and accessories and its brand image is recognized every where.

Popular Models of Lawn Boy

Lawn boy has a 20'' walk behind lawn mower which has been specially designed for residential use.
One of its popular models is Tru Start 10640. It's very easy to switch this mower on and operate it.

There is no need of prime, it's just "pull, start and use" type of the mower.
This company also offers free repair/fixing services if the Tru Start does not start after 2-3 pulls attempts.

Lawn Boy 10640
Lawn Boy 10640
Another famous model of this company is the 10642 model which is a type of walk behind lawn mower with an electric start.
It has the same engine as that of a Tru Start and can be easily switched on with the turn key.

It consists of a 20'' cutting deck and it can mow evenly in the unbalanced or uphill lawn areas too.

Good for home lawns

Lawn boy lawn mowers are perfect for home lawns and gardens but if you want to have a mower suitable for larger lawns or gardens other brands may be considered instead.
Other brands include Troy Bilt or Yard Machines.

This company has a wide range of mowers but only for residential use and does not contain zero-turn mowers or lawn tractors.

Although this company has changed its ownership but it has not compromised on its quality of producing best lawn mowers.
It is well reputed and well known for its quality products.
Toro Company owns the lawn boy but it's still recognized as a separate brand.

Lawn Boy Company has started using the motors from the other companies like Honda, Tecumesh, Briggs but its brand reliability has not been compromised by any of these actions.

Where to buy

Their price ranges 250 dollars to 350 dollars, and this price range depends on the size of the mower plus its engine size.

There are many dealers who sell the lawn boy mowers but the best way of buying one is through browsing on the internet.
You will find a lot of deals over there.

Plus you can find a lawn boy mower of your own choice reading details about all the available models of mowers and then comparing them with your own requirements.
Their delivery is also possible through shipping and you can easily save handsome amount of money this way.

However, availing maintenance services online is not as efficient as when you buy the mower from a local dealer.
If you buy it from a dealer you could easily get its spare parts in case you need them for subsequent repairs or maintenance jobs.

As lawn boy mowers use common engines from well-known companies so it won't be a big issue to find a repair shop if you need help in its repairing.
If you buy a lawn boy mower from the internet, its service won't be easily available as you will have to re-ship it and it would cost you a lot of money.

Only Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Lawn boy does not make riding lawn mowers and all of the mowers manufactured by them are the walk-behind lawn mowers.

Lawn boy has nearly 13 models of walk-behind lawn mowers and 6 of them are the drive variety.

These drive variety are powered with the help of engines which includes the famous GCV160 engine.
Its cost ranges 500 dollars to 3000 dollars. Besides lawn mowers lawn boy also manufactures snow throwers.
One of their famous snow thrower is single stage snow thrower model number 33006.
This thrower is considered best for removing light snow.

Its handle height can be easily adjusted according to the user's need.
It has comfortable grips on the recoil handle, with the help of which hands never come in contact with the cold metal handle.

Reviews Of Lawn Boy Lawn Mowers

Lawn Boy 10640
The Lawn Boy 10640 is purely a masterpiece in the lawn mower business market.
Lawn Boy 10647
The Lawn Boy 10647 mower is the affordable, plus quality mower.



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