John Deere Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

John Deere Zero Turn Lawn Mowers - Residential Models

The new John Deere zero turn lawn mowers Eztrak Series Residential models are capable of mowing up to 4 acres of grass.

A solid sturdy frame, accompanied by large tires to support the contour, furnished with technological convenient controls,

and the highest quality of apt mower decks provide a far superior performance and value, leaving no other machine in par with it.

The 48 inch Edge mower deck in the john Deere eztrak zero-turn mower provides excellent performance whether side-discharging, mulching, or bagging.

The models of the john Deere eztrak zero-turn mowers include the following catalog:

  • John Deere Z225 EZtrak Series Mower

  • John Deere Z245 EZtrak Series Mower

  • John Deere Z425 EZtrak Series Mower

  • John Deere Z445 EZtrak Series Mower

  • John Deere Z465 EZtrak Series Mower

Swiftly Turn

John Deere Zero Turn Lawn Mower Eztrak
John Deere Zero Turn Lawn Mower Eztrak
The Deere eztrak zero-turn mowers mowers are actually a series of about 5 or 6 main types of mowers, as mentioned above.

These ride-along mowers have been mainly constructed with the purpose to swiftly turn and make the endeavors of mowing the lawn, a tad bit more exciting, instead of just bearing the burden of one other chore on the daily work catalog.

Following this bird's eye view, are the features that are incorporated into the eztrak zero-turn mowers.


25 hp-Kawasaki V-Twin, air-cooled engine.


  • Heavy-duty pump and wheel motor drive system for extra durability and long life; Kanzaki pump; Parker wheel motors

  • Caster wheels and caster wheel towers have sealed bearings for long life and easy steering

  • Offset front caster wheels help improve inside corner trim performance and also help reduce between-blade striping

  • 8-mph ground speed


Tough 1-1/2-inch x 2-inch frame tubing

Comfort and Convenience

  • High-back (18-inch) seat with adjustable armrests; no-tools fore-aft seat adjustment with a 3-inch range can be be used by the operator while seated
  • Large 13-inch front caster wheels for a smoother ride; large 22-inch drive tires for better traction and slope performance
  • Two cup holders and open storage compartment

Motion-Control Levers

  • Adjustable motion-control levers can be adjusted to three different height settings and five different fore-aft settings for increased comfort and more precise control of the machine
  • Standard shock absorber for the motion control levers make it easy and comfortable to maneuver; shock absorber modulates movement of control levers for smoother operation; operator can smoothly and precisely control machine


Commercial-style steel footrest flips up to provide easy access for servicing the mower deck; easy to clean grass off top of mower; provides convenient access to mower drive.


24 months limited warranty in private residential - personal use.

90 days limited warranty in any other application

Other than these superficial technical aspects of the john Deere eztrak zero-turn mowers, the seat is really adjustable so you can always reach the controls and be comfortable doing it.

With the other mowers you might have had, the seat adjustment would have always been an issue.

One could really use this one, so I like that about it.

The prices of the john Deere eztrak zero-turn mowers is very economical and completely reasonable.

With the customer related assisting measures, regarding the price, one can honestly think about what you actually get with the mower.

It is not just about buying a product; it is about investing in a product that will pay you the bang for your buck, for the years to come.

Why do we say that? And why are we so sure of it?

This is because they are easy to maintain and way easier to repair.

With the augmenting fame and excellence, the company continues to produce incredible products.

In the end, what we say can only guide you to the best choice, but it is your part to go out in the market, and try the john Deere eztrak zero-turn mower experience.



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