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If you have made up your mind to buy a tractor, with a heavy duty package, then you may not fatigue yourself looking for more as your search would definitely settle on the John Deere X500 tractors.
This tractor is the most apt and suitably perfect for people who demands quality products and need to mow acres and acres of wide open lawn.

This tractor sets a perfect example of how fundamentally a tractor should perform on the subjected land.

With the new John Deere X500 tractor, heavy duty or light duty work options are both at the owner’s will and discretion.

May it be a rigid terrain, or a smooth one, the John Deere X500 will undoubtedly perform its best.

So whenever you are in a mood for a light trim, or a cut off, do not hesitate to hop on your John Deere X500 and get on with the days gardening.

Their wide stance means that they are incredibly stable on hillsides as they have a lower center of gravity and if you need more traction you simply need to press a pedal.

The John Deere x500 comes in a dual model.

One is the John Deere X500 w/48" Deck, and the other is the John Deere X500 w/54" Deck.

The specifications and details of the 48 Deck, as well as the 54 Deck precede the context.

Power and Performance

-- With the 17 hp V engine that is incorporated with a twin John Deere torque power system.

This feature here allows for easy spark trigger start and a much smoother operation, all in all.

Whereas the 54 deck John Deere x500 has a 25 hp V engine.

-- The 4-Wheel steer offers the user unsurpassed options of maneuverability and effortless trimming, regardless of what the nature of the terrain may be.

-- The large 3.5 gallon fuel tank, which is a 5 gallon in the 54 deck model, makes intermittent refilling between trims, a thing of the past.

With this machine, adding fuel has been made an easy process with no spillage risks.

-- The Twin Touch automatic transmission has been incorporated into this model for effortless speed and direction control.

-- This system here consists of Edge extra cutting system with 48" deck.

This helps to convert conveniently between side discharge process, mulching operations and material collection.

The size of the edge extra cutting system also comes in with the 54” deck.

-- A number of additional accessories offering convenience to the operator are the cargo mount system, standard tool tray and cup holder, color coded controls, hour meter, separate engine speed and choke controls, all allow for easy access and consistent updates to the user during function.

-- Mower deck height of grass cut is being controlled with a rotary dial knob, in John Deere x300 models, 38” and 42” deck which ensures to provide mower cut height ranging 1 to 3 inches on average, along with a deck leveling gauge provided onboard and placed at the center of the adjusting knob for the cut height.

-- Well, keeping in mind the average low life of a homeowner’s tractor, wet internal disk brakes are installed in this model for increased durability and longer life.

-- Comfortable, sit and adjust high back seat are some of the unique features this model has to offer.

Travel springs adjust for the operator’s weight, permitting fine tuning of suspension.

The open back design feature allows proper air circulation which helps keeping the user’s back dry and cool, to make up for a comfortable ride.

-- 35 watt headlights are designed to provide optimum lighting for the user to operate at hours of the night, if desired.

John Deere x500 48" and 54"

Well, taking a bird’s eye view of the above context, there is not much difference between the John Deere x500 48" and 54" models.

Most of the features are the same.

The most prominent difference that comes between the two is that of the size of the deck.

Given the information and utilities above, if it is a tractor you want buying, then there’s none other than the John Deere x500 that you must prefer.




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