John Deere JS46 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Review And Comparisons Of John Deere JS46 Lawn Mowers

Most frequently sold model by the John Deere.
John Deere JS46 is one of the most frequently sold models by the John Deere firm.

The Deere JS46 comes as a self propelled engine, with a size of 190 cc.

The engine comes equipped with zone start recoil rope starting system which is one of the many safety features on this self propelled lawn mower.

As of its features, the users must stand behind the lawn mower with the zone lever depressed, to trigger the stark of the engine starter.

It is a walk behind lawn mower.

This model from John Deere is built with a perspective to serve efficiently and sturdily for tough mowing environment and can go through half an acre of lawn in less than an hour.

Like all the latest lawn mower designs available in the market, the JS46 has the carburetor which is designed to start without the resort to priming or choking.

To ensue that the gasoline required for starting the machine is ever fresh for a smoother trigger, fuel stabilizer is poured into the fuel cap.

The engine also uses a dependable splash lubrication system to protect all of the engines parts from wear.

Other Features

John Deere JS46
John Deere JS46
Amongst the various fascinating features that come with a John Deere JS46, the momentum drive system is another feature that is enabled in the John Deere JS46 self propelled lawn mower.

Unlike in other lawn mowing machines, the pivoting handle in the new John Deere JS46 determines the pace on which the self propelled lawn mower will work, based on the angle in which the handle is being put to use.

On average, the speed at which the mower operates at a coherent speed with the user is 3 miles per hour.

The John Deere self propelled JS46 comes adorned with a 22 inch steel deck comes with 3 in one blade versatility, allowing the operator to switch modes between mulching, side discharge or rear bagging.

The rear bag, the mulch cover and the side discharge deflector all come in the standard sizes on the John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36.


Above we have given a general perspective/review of the John Deere walk behind JS46 lawn mowing machine.

Below, just following, we have mentioned the very detailed specifications of the machine itself, in the form of a listed view.

  • 190 cc or 11.6 cubic inch displacement

  • 7 pound foot of torque Briggs and Stratton Engine

  • 4 cycle side valve

  • 22 inch steel deck

  • 3 in 1 discharge

  • 8 inch by 2 inch front , 9 inch by 2 inch back wheels

The side discharge on the Deere JS46 comes as an accessory.

All the owner has to do is just flip the cover on the side of the deck to install the deflector and distribute the grass on the lawn.

To avoid projectiles of the grass, and prevent any uneven distribution of the grass creating untidiness, the deflector is oriented in such a low angle so that it serves the purpose just to the requirements.

Switching Modes

Switching modes is no longer a hassle, and a run to the garage for the appropriate tools.

With John Deere self propelled JS46, it is just a matter of minutes to change the mode in which you want to operate your mower in.

Absolutely no tools are required to perform this task.

Height adjustment is always an issue with the lawn mowers when you are out shopping for one.

With the John Deere self propelled JS46, adjusting the height of the cut is easy.

If you are dedicating your day's activity to mulching, a height of 3 to 4 inches is the best height for mulching.

While manufacturing the design of the JS46, comfort of the operator was kept in perspective.

The handle bar, which is the pivotal part of the machine, was built wide for comfort.

The zone control is easily depressed for starting and continuous running.

Again, the adjustment of the height of the handle bar is independent of the use of any sort of tools.

It is mechanized in a way to adjust without any work.


So, given all the extraordinary features of the John Deere JS46, if you really want to enjoy a beautiful and well maintained lawn, with the enjoyment of gardening, you better get one of these superb lawn mowers.



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