John Deere JS36 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Review And Comparisons Of John Deere JS36 Lawn Mowers

The self propelled John Deere JS36 lawn mower comes from the family of mowers that is renowned for its quality products.

The mower is being designed with enhanced features to improve quality of cut and overall performance.

All three models, John Deere JS36, JS46 and JS26, boast more power and durability.

Of course, mere statements about the product or the manufacturers of the particular machine will not help a homeowner to gauge the efficacy of the mower and purchase the perfect lawn mower for his garden.

Below is an overview of the aspects and unique features that the John Deere JS36, out of the entire family, has to offer to its buyer.

Quality And Reliability

John Deere JS36
John Deere JS36
The massive 190 cc four-cycle Briggs & Stratton engine is engineered to John Deere standards for quality and reliability.

The engine is equipped with a zone-start recoil-rope starting system, to offer maximum sparking efficiency in the Deere JS36 lawn mower.

The carburetor incorporated into the machinery is specifically manufactured to avoid the common day hassles of priming or choking, regardless of the intensity of the adversity of the ambiance.

A fuel tank cap is accessorized into the machine, which contains a fuel stabilizer that drips into the fuel tank as the mower is operated, to ensure that the fresh fuel is injected for quicker and efficient sparking triggers at all times.

Unique And Special Feature

The most unique and special feature about the JS36 lawn mower, that offers ease as well as convenience to the user is that when the control is released, the engine and blade stops immediately.

The high torque capacity is provided for sturdy mowing conditions.

The mow-momentum drive system, to those who are unfamiliar with the technological term, features innumerable adjustable paces ranging from 0 mph to 3.6 mph, on an average.

The pivoting handle has the control to determine the working speed of the mower, proportional to the displacement of the pivoted handle.

The 22-inch steel deck is designed for optimum versatility and high performance for all the mowing modes available with the machinery, namely side discharging, mulching, or bagging, using the standardized 3-in-1 blade.

The deck is manufactured out of thick tough steel.

This adds to the strength, performance reliability and easy maneuvering, with the lightweight factor pitching in.

Optimal Usage

What else does the feature of 3-in-1 blade have to offer to the operator?

Other than the superb cutting performance rendered with the blade, it is designed for optimal usage while mulching, bagging, or even for side-discharge applications.

The wheels are a very crucial factor, in the perspective of a potential buyer, when it comes to the options to select the best lawn mower available out there in the market these days.

The tires of the John Deere JS36 lawn mower are solely made of high-impact plastic, sophistically amalgamated with rubber tread, to provide unsurpassed and professionally engineered superior traction and considerably long life.

The wheels also have bushings for easy rolling and excellent maneuverability.

The dimensions are standardized to perform with excellence in any type of terrain, smooth or rigid.

The front wheels are 8 inches in diameter.

While the rear wheels are 9 inches in diameter.

A wide handlebar has been made available to offer convenience with controls located in such a manner so as to serve the user's productivity, as well as keeping the user's comfort in perspective on a high priority.

The engine speed is preset at 3350 rpm to mark an optimum default setting for smooth operation and the best cut quality that can be possible.

The built in pressure sensors put to use the light hand pressure on the zone control to keep the engine roaring.

The zone control can be held by one hand alone from any position on the handle, as long as a little consistent pressure is being applied to keep the engine running.

Once the control is released, the engine and blade stop immediately making the machine mow only that specific portion of the grass which the user wants to mow.



The John Deere JS36 is just a onetime investment as it doesn't require any recurrent expenditure on account of frequent maintenance issues making it a highly economical and user friendly lawn mower available in the market.



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