John Deere JS26 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Review And Comparisons Of John Deere JS26 Lawn Mowers

John Deere JS26 is one of the best mowers available in the market these days under the banner of the front self propelled mower models.

Self propelled mowers are the modified versions of push reel mowers making easy for the users not to exert much force or energy in order to mow their lawns.

JS26 has been designed in order to meet the requirements of customers who love to use walk behind lawn mowers but do not want to use extra amount
of energy as well compared to what is required for the traditional push reel mowers.

John Deere JS26 is one of the newest models that John Deere has introduced in the market in 2010 under the walk behind mowers category.

JS26 is a steel deck, front wheel self propelled lawn mower.

Other than JS26, two other models have also been launched i.e. JS36 and JS46.

When you visit the official website of John Deere, you will see a variety of products and also these new models of walk behind mowers along with the specifications and features these products have to offer.

JS26 can be purchased online and can also be delivered too which is offered by its official retailers, however they will charge you delivery costs.

The product can also be picked up from the retail stores.


John Deere JS 26
John Deere JS 26
John Deere JS26 is a front wheel lawn mower which has its own pros and cons as compared to the rear wheel lawn mowers.

Front wheel lawn mowers can easily mow on the flat areas while the rear wheel lawn mowers do not give such kind of traction as the front wheel mowers.

On hilly areas, front wheel mowers will possibly lift over as they are not designed for such terrains, but rear wheel mowers can mow well.

To mow around the obstacles like trees or rocks, front wheel lawn mower is not a good choice as they are always moving, so it is hard to turn them with sharp touch.

In speed, both types of wheel lawn mowers are equal due to same speed settings of 3 mph.

Mower JS26 is available at a very affordable price of just $350.

The mower is considered very eco and user friendly with all the controls easily located and easy to handle.

John Deere self propelled JS26 has been designed to meet some required features.

Its specifications include a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine which meets the company standards perfectly, a drive system by Momentum which has a functionality to lock the speed user requires, a steel deck featuring 3 in 1 design which has a cutting range of 22 inch, discharge, mulching and bagging facilities, durable wheels made of high impact plastic and a foldable and adjustable handle bar.

The product has a 2 year warranty and a zone control which stops the engine when the depression is released, which also avoids accidents while mowing.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features that John Deere JS26 is known for include the plastic wheels which are durable and long lasting; also the wheels have rubber thread and are adjustable which makes cutting easy at different height levels.

It has some really easy control functions which makes it a convenient mower to operate.

The approximate price at most of the retailers of the product is $350 which is worth its quality and durability as compared to other brands available in the market.


To maintain John Deere JS26 in its best form, users are also provided with manuals and maintenance tips.

The product supports an engine in order to start which is required to be well-maintained.

Whenever you start the mower, always check the oil level and fill it up if needed.

But keep in mind not to fill up while the engine is hot or it can create a fire or keep the engine time so that the heat can be evaporated.

If you use the mower on a regular basis, change the engine oil when possible; otherwise change it on an annual basis.


John Deere JS26 is a fast mower, easy to use and gives great results. Overall, JS26 is a product which is affordable and gives fast great results.

It is an unusual designed product which is worth its price.



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