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Reviews And Comparisons Of Honda Riding Lawn Mowers

In fact Honda is the world largest engine producer.
Honda is just not a name anymore for cars, now a variety of Honda Riding Lawn Mowers are also available in the market which have been designed and manufactured with superior quality materials and advanced technology.

The Honda mowers are compact and easy to mow around trees, bushes, rocks, swimming pools, flower beds and other kinds of obstacles in the lawn.

Honda lawn mowers are easy to operate and can be easily maintained.

The target market of these mowers can be commercial, consumer and even residential mowing small lawn areas as well large yards such as universities and sports stadium.

For an area which is more than 10,000 square feet, buying a Honda lawn mower would be a good choice.

And a user would like to buy one depending on the requirements of the lawn and specifications varying from the blades to horsepower, performance and also the price.

Even the maintenance of the machine matters the most to the consumers, the more complicated or bigger the machine is more it would need the maintenance care.


The Honda Riding Mowers are considered highly earth social as they strictly follow the International carbon emission rules and thus keep their carbon signatures to the lowest possible levels.

Another great feature with the Honda Riding Lawn Mowers is that its tires have been designed in such a way that they don't damage the grass at all.

The twin blade system makes the cutting of tall grass possible cutting them in fine storable clippings.

They use gasoline thus making you free from the hassle of mixing oil.

Honda Riding Lawn Mowers comes with a wide range of accessories may it be new blades, mulching kits, grass bags, bumper kits or extra tires.

Engine And Blade Tehnology

Honda Riding Mowers are very popular in the market having their own patented engine designs and blade technology.

Honda riding mowers are built with exceptional quality which supports 4-stroke engines, twin blade systems, variable speed control technology, transmissions like the hydrostatic cruise control and SMART drive.

Honda lawn mowers have also been certified by CARB which means that you can purchase a clean and new Honda product no matter where you live.

It is a certification having requirements exceeding the EPA standards and only Honda has so far met all the standard requirements of CARB.

Honda Raiding Series

Under Honda Riding Lawn Mowers or tractors product range, there are 4 series of 10 different models.

They are the HRX series, HRC series, HRS series and HRR series.
  • HRX series have models HRX217VKA, HRX217HXA and HRX217HMA;
  • HRR series consists of HRR216TDA, HRR216PDA and HRR216VXA;
  • HRS series consist of HRS216PDA and HRS216SDA;
  • HRC series have HRC216PDA and HRC216HXA.
All of these models are manufactured with similar designs but differ in some of their technology specifications mostly.

Honda Riding lawn mowers are forms of riding as well as ride on lawn mowers.

Honda is the most preferable riding lawn mower among other brands because they use their own parts like engines and these engines are also used by some other manufacturers too.

The HRS series of Honda Riding Mowers are designed in a manner to meet the requirements of users such as affordability and comfort of using mowers.

HRC series are designed for durability and making the jobs easy.

Both series are built exclusively for commercial purposes.

The features of HRX series mowers are that they have been designed to meet the bagging requirements for first, have twin blade technology and also have patented variable speed control technology with hydrostatic transmission and these mowers comes with a 5 year warranty.


Honda Riding Mowers are rated as the best and most durable mowers available in the market which serve residential as well as corporate customers too and fit their requirements perfectly.

They give your lawn a complete beautiful look and make mowing easy by just sitting on the mowers and no need to use your energy to push them.

But yes electrical and gasoline riding mowers do harm the environment by polluting the air and increase noise pollution too.

That is the reason that people prefer using traditional reel push mowers to keep the planet green.



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