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Reviews And Comparisons Of Honda HRC Series Lawn Mowers

HRS Series is considered the best available mowers in the category of commercial work horses.
Honda HRC Series Mowers are considered the best available mowers in the category of commercial work horses.

With a cutting edge technology, Honda has launched a series of riding lawn mowers, push and self propelled lawn mowers as per the commercial user's requirements.

These models have been designed ahead of the other models while making grass cutting a great experience.

People enjoy using riding lawn mowers and want to relax while mowing but it is just not the comfort now which is preferred the most, customers also purchase modern push and self propelled mowers.

Self propelled lawn mower is a form of electrical push mowers and type of walk behind mowers.

Other types include cylinder, robotic, hover, electrical, riding lawn mower, etc.

Self propelled lawn mowers are of two forms which are the front wheel and rear wheel having their own pros and cons.

Honda HRC series mowers have great fuel efficiency and they are really reliable machines for commercial use.

Other than HRC series, Honda has a product range of HRR series, HRX series and HRS series falling under the lawn mowers category.


Honda HRC Series Mowers has a line of commercial, push and self propelled lawn mowers.

The kind of buttons, levers or catches that HRC series mowers have does not require any extra force to push these mowers.

These are the most advanced tools of grass cutting that have been designed with perfection and lasts for longer years.

Commercial Honda mowers were introduced in 1989, but now they have been re-launched with new technological techniques.

The new models available in the market are the self propelled and hydrostatic drive transmission based HRC216HXA and the push type HRC216PDA.


Honda HRC216HXA lawn mower
Honda HRC216HXA lawn mower
Honda HRC Mowers have been designed giving features like easy to start engines of commercial grade,
variable speed control hydrostatic drive transmission and shaft drive system, Roto-Stop BBC, advanced twin blade edge cutting technology,
in order to protect the mowing decks the mowers have front bumpers and edge guards and large grass clippings bagging facility which can handle heavy storage.

The HRC216HXA is a 21 inches commercial rear bagger mower which is self propelled lawn mower with hydrostatic cruise control system.

It has a shaft drive which means no belts, easy to start engine, twin blade technology, front bumper and edge guards to protect the decks and Roto-Stop blade control.

Honda HRC216PDA lawn mower
Honda HRC216PDA lawn mower
The HRC216PDA of Honda HRC Series Mowers features a 21 inches commercial rear bagger too, a type of push lawn mower, with easy to start commercial grade engine,
twin blade technology by Micro-cut and yet again to protect the decks a front bumper and an edge guard.

Both of the models of HRC series have large fuel tank capacity, 8 mowing adjustable heights and 1 year limited warranty.

Both the models are faster, efficient mowers, powerful and very light to handle. Both the types comes fitted with the 160 cc engine.

Speed Control

When we talk about cruise control hydrostatic transmission in the Honda HRC Series mowers, it means that an operator has the facility to set the mower speed from 0 to 4 mph.

It has features of quickly adjusting your likely speed, mowing at a pace of your own and even saving the preferred speed for next time.

Roto-stop also called BBC is another advanced feature in the HRC series which allows the operator to stop the blades even when the engine has not been switched off and users can take advantage of it when they have to empty the grass bags, move obstacles out of the way or shift the mower to another place.

A twin blade mower gives a beautiful look to a lawn with its cutting edge technology and gives good mulching and bagging results.


When it comes to caring for your lawn and giving it a better look, Honda HRC Series Mowers suits the best for these purposes.

Having certification of EPA and CARBS, Honda promises its customers to provide the best mowers having exclusive features and advanced technology techniques, giving great mulching and cutting performances with superior mowing experience, outstanding reliability and quality of genuine Honda lawn mowers.

Honda also has a variety of mower parts available online and also makes sure about the product safety well.



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