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Exmark Lawn Mowers began business in the year 1982 in Nebraska.
Exmark Lawn Mowers began business in the year 1982 in Nebraska.

The company made a humble start with just 7 employees on their payroll who all worked and slept together in a garage.

It started off the business while manufacturing walk behind lawn mowers and later developed the commercial lawn mowers which are still in production till to date.

The company has come up with some top of the line products including the lawn mowers which considered state of the art and amongst the top ranked meeting the standards of the industry as well as the requirements of all types of the users.

Ecological Type

There are various types and designs of lawn mowers made available under this brand name.

The two major types consist of the electrical type and the ecological type.

The working procedures of both these types of lawn mowers is however almost alike; the only thing which varies is the weight, type and the cost of these different types of the lawn mowers.

Exmark lawn mowers have an online website which can be visited to check out their various models and designs and to be able to choose the right one for domestic as well as commercial uses.

The latest introduction of the lawn mowers by this company is extremely affordable and long lasting.

The product series is known as Lazer-Z. One of the top lawn mowers from this product line is the Lazer-Z XS which is a commercial lawn mower.

Its major feature includes a 23 hp Van-guard engine which is extremely efficient for commercial purposes.

Another new model by the brand is known as the Exmark Vantage.

This is a lawn mower which is quite unique as it is a stand on lawn mower which has a good design, a speed bar as well as a suspension system which can be self-compensated.

Amongst the features of this model of lawn mower, the size is what is absolutely great.

Exmark Lazer Z XS
Exmark Lazer Z X
Another lawn mower by the Exmark Lawn mowers is the Turf Tracer lawn mower.

This is one mower which is extremely environmentally friendly as it has a double system for air filtration.

Besides being a highly efficient and affordable lawn mower, it makes an individual feel contributing to keep the environment safe and clean.

This particular lawn mower has a Kawasaki engine which can be used with a propane system.

It is an extremely secure lawn mower as it has a lock on its fuel container.

Compared to the other lawn mowers being manufactured by some of its competitors, the Commercial 21 is amongst the best by Exmark.

The machine is extremely easy to operate and does not require frequent maintenance afterwards.

Having unique balance and easy maneuver makes this lawn mower much simpler to use.

This lawn mower is also being used on commercial scale as the cutting deck is 21 inch wide which eases the process of cutting and trimming the lawns.

Having an enhanced control and security system, this lawn mower can be used with utmost ease and comfort.

If you are looking to purchase this lawn mower for onward use on commercial levels, there are various options available that can be looked upon.

They include walk behind lawn mowers which are available in hydrostatic and gear drive models.

This brand has certainly made quite a lot of progress since its inception and humble start.

From manufacturing lawn mowers in the garage to becoming a very well reputed company in lawn mowing industry, Exmark lawn mowers have achieved much success and respect of its large number of the customers all across the globe.

They could correctly appreciate the requirements of their potential customers and always came up with a design meeting the demand of all types of the customers.

With an increase in the number of different companies entering the business of manufacturing lawn mowers, consumers now have the choice to select lawn mowers from a variety of the types available in the market.

The buyer these days always goes for the product that is not only reliable having a well reputed brand name on its back but also looks for other desirable features like being user friendly, environment friendly and falling within their financial budget.

And if all these features could be achieved in a single make and type then what else could be better than choosing a lawn mower from the Exmark lawn mowers.

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