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Bolens lawn mowers are part of the MTD Consumer Products
Bolens lawn mowers are a well known and trusted brand that has been manufacturing lawn mowers for a number of years.

Bolens lawn mower is part of the MTD Consumer Products in Cleveland and these lawn mowers are being distributed
to a number of authorized sellers and distributors by a company called Lower Home Improvement.

MTD was a company that started in 1932 but it was not until the late 1950s that they manufactured the first lawn mower and this also marked their entry into the lawn mower industry as well.

MTD was at first a very well known toy manufacturers and after achieving the high level of performance and customer satisfaction,
they started into the business of manufacturing lawn mowers. Customers wanted to see something different and the Bolen lawn mower company gave them what they wanted.

Available on cheap and reduced prices and high quality user friendly products customers got what they desired.

Bolens lawn mowers offer customers with a number of different models to suit and cater for their needs in the best way possible.

Some of the well known models are:

Bolen BL125-76T

Bolens 125 76t
Bolens 125 76t
This lawn mower is a well known model and is quite popular as well.
It comes with a 12.5 horsepower engine and is equipped with a Transmatic drive that makes it easier for the user to maneuver the lawn mower
with ease and comfort while keeping in mind the speed at which the engine can best operate.

Bolen BL125-76T lawn mower can be used for a longer periods of time as it has the capacity to store over 200 litter of cut grass which is a huge quantity for any lawn mower.

This lawn mower has one blade and turbo fan assister which helps in cutting the grass directly without any difficulty or problems.

Bolens 074E

Bolens 11A-074E065
Bolens 11A-074E065

This model of the lawn mower is an old fashioned design as it has a side discharge on the lawn mower that was popular in the early 1970s.

The discharge could be adjusted to the height of the grass that needs to be cut and then it could be put back to its original position.

Position could be changed and adjusted as per the height of the grass that needs to be cut.

Bolen 414A

This model has the unique option of being able to switch between a rear bag and mulch.

The cutting height can be adjusted easily without any difficulty.

This is done using a spring loaded lever.

This way the height can be adjusted easily without having to remove the wheels or doing anything else.

Bolens 5.5 Torque

Bolens 5.5 Torque
Bolens 5.5 Torque

This cut push mower is a lawn mower that uses a Briggs & Stratton engine.

This Bolen lawn mower also has the option of having a rear bag or a mulch discharge.

The option of mulching grass clipping makes it easier for the nutrients that have been removed from the soil
when the grass was cut to be put back into the soil so that the grass and crops could grow again.

Cutting height can be adjusted and at the same time this lawn mower can also be used to collect the fallen leaves.

Bolens 25cc 2-Cycle Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer

This lawn mower has a built in EX-Pulling starting system which reduces the efforts required by the users starting the lawn mower and putting it to use.

This lawn mower is light weight and the unique design makes it easier to cut the shrubs and plants that could be behind the fences.

Bolen lawn mowers are available in a number of different models each with its own unique design and features.
The variety of models provides customers with a wide range of lawn mowers to choose from and they can choose the model that best suits their requirements and financial budget.

Bolen lawn mower is a company providing lawn mowers to many sellers and dealers across the globe a variety of types,
the company has met with success and has been doing well in the industry with a large number of customers all over the world these days.

It is this company which brought the first lawn mower in Cleveland in the year 1950.



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