Allen XR16 16-Inch 2-8/9 HP 4-Cycles Honda GXV-57 Gas-Powered Hover Lawn Mower

Reviews Of Hover Lawn Mower Allen XR16.

Hover mowers, especially the Allen XR16 16-Inch 2-8/9 HP 4-Cycle Honda GXV-57 Gas-Powered Hover Lawn Mower, are ideal for mowing steep slopes and water edges, putting them up as a number one recommendation for maintaining the golf courses and homeowners with hilly terrain.
The Allen firm has recently ventured to collaborate with the world renowned Honda Company, to invent and offer hover mowers powered by Honda's GCV and GXV E-spec 4-stroke engines, specifically and sophistically engineered designs for consistent inclined operations.

The Allen XR16 is still, by far, the most economical and fuel efficient mower of its kind, available in the market these days.

It's still readily available on demand.

The only tagline that the Allen XR16 has had since its birth is that “It always works when you want it to”.

Along with this superb objective, it does not leave any residue for the environment to absorb other than a couple of foot prints in a perfectly cut lawn.

Features of the Allen XR16

-- Equipped with the Honda's Dual Lube dipper and cam-belt oil transport system, the Allen XR16 maintains positive lubrication on the most tyrannous of slopes.

-- A high-performance fuel pump ensures consistent fuel delivery, regardless of degree of incline. It is designed to feed the machine, and not judge the conditions of the outside.

These low-emission engines have been professionally engineered in par with today's CARB Tier 2 requirements and the even more rigorously precise EPA Phase 2 requirements.

-- In viewing the numerous peripherals, the Allen XR16 4-stroke hover mowers offer CARB compliance, along with the touch of high performance.

-- The engine has a stable high-torque power capability that is deployed in cutting in the thickly grown fragments of the yard.

-- The amazingly low mechanical noise generated while conducting the operation is due to Honda's innovative and impressive Uniblock technology.

This masterpiece here combined bore and head design that incorporates an oil-immersed overhead cam belt.

What this belt mechanism has to offer is an extreme and efficient high power-to-weight ratio.

-- Triggering the mower to start it in the beginning can be an issue.

Especially, in cold weathers, when priming and choking can be a real pain, it gets tough.

With the new Allen XR16 easy starting is provided by an automatic cylinder decompression starting mechanism.

This technology here does not at all demand further fuel requirements.

It has absolutely an outstanding fuel and oil economy of a 4-stroke, accompanied with a longer life expectancy, owing to the Unblock engineering, which assists in minimal mechanical complexity and engine components.

-- Adorned with all the rage and latest technology in the mower industry, the Allen XR16 has the 14 inch impeller, offering major lift and a much smoother mowing experience, with exceptionally sturdy and lightweight ABS injection-molded deck which has aesthetically been designed by the its engineers in order to enhance and facilitate its handling, lift and cutting performance.

-- The superb 8-bolt engine-mount frame embellished with flexible fittings and heavy-duty handle mounts with nylon bushings, furnish the Allen XR16 giving it an iron solid long lasting life reliable contour.

It also making these units nearly almost indestructible besides providing smooth and vibration free mowing operations.

-- The lengthy, rear-mounted handle, decorated with a comfort grip, which enhances a more convenient approach, along with a more steadfast control and enormous stability in extreme conditions.

The new Allen XR16 16-Inch 2-8/9 HP 4-Cycle Honda GXV-57 Gas-Powered Hover Lawn is definitely a must buy amongst the gas-powered lane of lawn mowers.

Waste no time to take this decision.




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