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Dixon made its come back in the market with its well-designed models of mowers suitable for both commercial consumers and residential use.

Dixon lawn mowers are manufactured by the Dixon mowers company which has been famous for zero-turn radius machines for quite some time now.

Dixon had to face quite a loss in the year 2002 due to the recall of 30,000 machines.

These were recalled after having discovered some fault in their gas tanks.

After the mishap, Dixon made its come back in the market with its well-designed models of mowers suitable for both commercial consumers and residential use.
The Dixon models evolved from ZTR models to 4423/4415 and other high grade models and all these received a great recognition in the market and among its customers.

This company had Z-drive technology patented which left behind the hydrostatic drives and people preferred these on the older technology.
With the Dixon riding mowers its user has an advantage of easily sitting behind the wheel and seeing its mower mowing the lawn.

It has the fantastic ability of getting close around the trees and other yard items easily.
With the help of Dixon mower there is no need to frequently use the weed eater or yard trimmer but is required may be only once a month.

Attractive Feature

Dixon Speed ZRT 30
Dixon Speed ZRT 30
Another attractive feature of the Dixon which attracted its customers was the deck which was installed in it.

This deck is not underneath its rider but is at the front which helps him/her to view the mowing perimeter.

This mower does not have high speeds so it may also be used by a teenager or an adolescent for mowing purpose.

This type of mower cannot be used on unbalanced grounds or lawns as there are complaints doing so.

It did not have the uphill climbing ability. With the use of zero-turn radius mower care has to be taken on steep grades.

Another addition that was done to the Dixon mowers was adding the fusion blades.
These blades were easy to keep up with the speed of the machine.

The blade height was also adjustable according to the requirements and moreover these did not require sharpening at shorter intervals when compared to the other blades.
Dixon advises blade sharpening once a session for residential and more often for the commercial users.


These mowers are also not very expensive at the same time. Dixon has price ranging $1900 to $4000 and you may choose one according to your own requirement and financial budget.

These mowers may also be ordered and procured online and once one starts mowing through these machines one feels the difference between using a standard orthodox lawn mower and the Dixon lawn mower.


Dixon was the company that introduced the zero-turn lawn mowers in 1974.
This is the company that completely changed the usual procedures adopted for mowing by the landscapers.
It's the motive of this company that it focuses on the needs and wants of its customers and it has been acting upon this motto since the last 35 years.

Recent models of the lawn mowers have been manufactured on the basis of innovation, quality and best mowing performance.
There are different types of mowers manufactured by this company and each serves its purpose in the best possible way.

Future Models

Some of the future models of this company are DX200 (coming in 2011), DX100 (expected in mid 2011).

Besides these models there is Grizzly, Kodiak, Ram ultra and tractors which are also the famous models of Dixon.

Where to buy

Dixon lawn mowers are very expensive when bought from local dealers.

This is because there is usually no deal available with the dealers.
Whereas buying them online may be easy and less expensive at the same time, you may choose any model of its mower, read its detailed characteristics, match them with your requirements and then order these mowers after bargaining.

As a result of buying a Dixon mower online you can end up with good price offerings, save your money, buy a new or a used mower as well according to your choice and much more.

There are navigation bars when you are ordering a mower on the internet from where you may easily search one of your own choices.

Thus while searching for your specific models always type the word Dixon mower along with its model number.



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