Toro 20334

Toro 20334 - Electric Start

A toro 20334 has an electric start which makes the mowing task much easier as the electric start option is considered the most easiest one to swith on a mower.

User is simply required to turn the key on and start walking behind the mower.

It is the most prefered choice these days of all types of the customers because of the Personal Pace self propel, bag on demand and most of all a 3 year warranty which makes it an irrestible to buy piece of equipment.

Product Details

A 20334 has the following product details:
  • Electric start
  • Personal Pace Self Propel
  • Guaranteed key start
  • 22'' recycler cutting deck

Product Details

Toro 20334 mower with electric start
Toro 20334 mower with electric start
Some important features of a 20334 are described in detail and are as follows:

First of all its electric start button makes it a unique and ''easy to use'' type of machine.

Although it is a bit expensive machine but once bought, completes its life cycle as claimed by the Toro Company and most of all comes with a warranty.

Electric start option of this mower makes it an outstanding option compared to the other mowers available in the market these days, on which one does not have to waste so much time for starting and operating of machine.

Secondly it has an innovative Personal Pace system which senses the walking speed of its operator.

It has a self-adjusting technique which adapts itself to the speed of the operator, which means fast mowing is achieveable if you move fast yourself.

This Personal Pace Self propel system is the most innovative and effecient system in the mowing industry and at the same time is easiest to use.

Thirdly this mower has a bag on demand feature which means that one may switch from mulching to bagging in just few seconds due to flip of quick-change lever.

This saves much of time of its user and thus is also termed as the most user friendly machine.

Quick change from mulching to bagging means that the bag may keep mounted in both the modes.

This mower has a facility of an open single-piece handle design which helps in easy removal and reinstallation of the bag.

Its 22'' recycler cutting edge cuts a large quantity of grass in just few seconds.

Its recycler mulching system cuts and minces grass clippings into very small yet fine pieces not easily visible to anyone.

It leaves the lawn with an attractive look and does not leave behind any of visible signs of cut grass.



The mower has the Briggs and Stratton engine with no choke ability which is fitted in all the models of Toro and is synonmus to quality and reliability.

The mower comes with a 3 year power train warranty coveragee.

It also comes with another type of interesting full coverage warranty i.e. if it doesn't start in one or two switchings in the first three years of its purchase the Company will service it for free.

A two year full coverage warranty is also given along with it which means that if anything goes wrong with this mower after having used and maintained it as directed in it's manual the Comapny will fix it for free.

Below are the some specifications of this mower.

  • It comes with a power train warranty.
  • It has a cutting width of 22''.
  • It comes with a standard washout port .
  • It has a weight of 86 lbs.
  • It has an engine displacement of 190cc.


Buying a mower means putting in a lot of investment so every potential user wants to to buy a mower which not only fulfills his lawn requirements but at the same time should also be easy to use and work with.

Toro 20334 is the model which has been designed keeping in view the specific needs of all types of the customers.

Buying the Toro 20334 would definitely not make you regret afterwards as its highly user as well as nature friendly initiative of the Toro Company.

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