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The Earthwise lawn mower comes in handy the most, when you are considering a very eco-conscious but still workable solution for cutting the lawn.
What do you know about Earthwise mowers?

Messing with the oil, gasoline and the spilling, mixing, pulling the cord and pouring to start your lawn mower sometimes really gets hectic and tiring as well.

For this you are not to be blamed.

There could be nothing worse than having to breathe in the exhaust fumes of a lawn mower.

The Earthwise mower is one of the very best solutions to these problems as it gives you the performance of a rotary push lawn mower with no oil, gas or environmental pollution issues.

Just hit the start button without having the need to tug on a cord for this purpose.

The Earthwise mower comes in handy the most, when you are considering a very eco-conscious but still workable solution for cutting the lawn.

There is not any other worthy and effective option to your requirements, other than the Earthwise lawn mower.

These are actually very reasonably priced, and can be used as long as you have cord that will run between the mower and a power outlet.

Along with these features, Earthwise has always been known to be economical in terms of power.

Their mechanism is constructed to provide superb efficiency with minimal power expenditure.

Finest And Excellent Features

The Earthwise mower possesses some of the very finest and excellent features that this sophistically engineered machine offers to its users.

  • Highly environment friendly with absolutely no smell from the exhaust.
  • No more messing with the gas or oil and no long electric cables to carry along.
  • Absolutely no cord required to be adjusting.
  • Battery charge level is known all the time by just having a glance over the battery indicator.
  • Provides the user with a wide 20 inch cutting pattern which is even wider than some of the other cordless mower models available in the market.
  • Single click removable battery let you charge it indoor/off-board with the help of its charger and adapter cable provided in the package
  • The grass catcher & discharge chute along with an easy on & off mulch plug.

Earthwise 60120 cordless electric lawn mower
Earthwise 60120 cordless electric lawn mower
The homeowner is now free of the hassle of having to adjust each wheel when changing the height of the mower blade.

The Earthwise mower features a single-lever height control system that makes it easier than ever to adjust the height of the cut.

The operator is provided with the liberty to choose between seven height positions, ranging from one to three inches.

The single-lever height control is just one of the many features that are engineered, keeping in perspective the time and energy saving of the user, while also providing him comfort in the experience.

In addition to all these unique aspects that the Earthwise lawn mower has to offer to the owner, this mower assembles with no tools required--simply hand-tighten several components and you are ready to go.

Speaking of the innovative 3-in-1 design for versatility, this awesome feature here is outperforming other mowers, and one of the major features that makes the Earthwise mower stand out in a huge variety of lawn mowers in today's market.

The Earthwise lawn mower is three mowers in one, functioning as a mulching mower, a side discharge mower, and a rear bag mower.

Designed to save money

The Earthwise mower is specifically designed with the aim to save the owner of it time and effort over the long term experience.
The manifestation of this notion here is delineated by the wide 20-inch cutting path and heavy-duty steel mower deck, which ensures efficient, long-lasting performance.

With wide 20-inch coverage, your lawn will require fewer passes, which will save you both time and effort.

Navigating on tough, uneven terrain can be a hassle while you try to harness your energy into the mowing endeavor.

What makes it any different in the Earthwise lawn mower?
Well, the Earthwise mower totally eliminates this problem out of the equation.

It is made easy by the composite seven-inch front wheels and oversized 9-1/2 inch rear wheels, which have ball bearings for better maneuverability and longer life.
The V-handle with cushion grip offers greater control over tough terrain and provides comfort. A nice bonus, the handle folds down so you can easily store the mower.

Well, you should definitely find Earthwise lawn mower reliable and efficient machine manufacturers.
If you are still not a fan, this review should substantiate to get you out of your seat and go buy an Earthwise mower for yourself and then judge it.

Reviews Of Earthwise Lawn Mowers

Earthwise 50118 18-Inch 12 amp Electric Side Discharge/Mulching Lawn Mower
With the Earthwise 50118 18-Inch 12 amp Electric Side Discharge/Mulching Lawn Mower, there is absolutely no hassle of buying gas, and most of all, no pull starting.

Earthwise 50120 20-Inch 12 amp Electric Side Discharge/Mulching Lawn Mower
Earthwise 50120 20 inches corded electric mower are available with facility of grass bag plus with 12 amp power arrangements.



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